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Best 120 Volt Shop Table Saw Top 4 Ranked [2024]

Are you in the market for a reliable and powerful 120 volt shop table saw? Look no further! We’ve done the research and testing to find the best options available. A quality table saw is essential for any serious woodworker or DIY enthusiast. It can make precise and efficient cuts in a variety of materials, and save you time and effort in the long run. Join us as we dive into the top performers on the market and help you find the perfect fit for your needs.

Are you tired of using a weak and unreliable table saw in your shop?

It can be frustrating trying to cut through tough materials with a subpar saw, not to mention the potential safety hazards. Plus, time is money, and using a slow and inadequate saw can cost you both.

Upgrade to the best 120 volt shop table saw on the market. With increased power and precision, you’ll be able to complete projects faster and with more accuracy, all while keeping yourself and others safe. Don’t settle for less than the best when it comes to your shop equipment.

The best 120 volt shop table saw on the Market Right Now

Looking for the best 120 volt shop table saw? Look no further than our comprehensive guide, packed with product reviews and expert recommendations.

1. Sawstop Pcs175-Tgp236

SawStop PCS175-TGP236

The SawStop PCS175-TGP236 is considered as the best 120-volt shop table saw because of its exceptional safety features, high-quality construction, and precise cutting capabilities. The manufacturer made sure that every aspect of the machine is created with the user’s safety and efficiency in mind. All these features combined make it an ideal tool for both novice and professional woodworkers.

The SawStop PCS175-TGP236 is a high-end table saw perfect for all woodworking projects. It comes with a 1.75 horsepower motor that runs at 120 volts and has a blade that can spin up to 4000 RPM, making it one of the most robust saws in the market. It also comes with a 36-inch T-Glide fence system that provides precision, accuracy, and stability when you need it the most.

Unique Features

  • The SawStop safety system that stops the blade as soon as it detects flesh contact.
  • A removable safety key that helps to avoid unauthorized use of the machine.
  • The 36-inch T-Glide fence system that provides ultimate precision and accuracy.
  • A dust collection system that captures over 99% of dust generated.
  • An oversized stop button for enhanced safety and quick shut off of the machine.
  • A riving knife with a quick-release feature to help maximize efficiency.


  • The SawStop safety system ensures users’ safety in case of inadvertent contact with the spinning blade.
  • The 36-inch T-Glide fence system provides precision, accuracy, and stability when cutting any material.
  • With a 1.75 horsepower motor and 4000 RPM blade speed, the SawStop PCS175-TGP236 has an excellent performance.
  • The dust collection system helps to keep the work area clean and free of dust and debris.


  • The SawStop PCS175-TGP236 is quite expensive compared to other table saws in the market.
  • It may not be suitable for users looking for a compact and lightweight table saw.

The SawStop PCS175-TGP236 is the best table saw that provides unmatched safety, precision, quality construction, and durability. It is perfect for both beginner and professional woodworkers, making it an ideal addition to any woodworking shop. Although it may be expensive, the SawStop PCS175-TGP236 is undoubtedly a worthwhile investment.

2. Powermatic Pm1000 1791001K

Powermatic PM1000 1791001K

The Powermatic PM1000 1791001K is a top of the line 10-inch table saw designed for high precision woodworking. This saw is built with durability and accuracy in mind, making it a valuable addition to any woodworking shop.

Unique Features

– Accu-Fence System: This innovative fence system ensures accuracy and precision during every cut. It also allows for easy adjustments to get the perfect cut every time.
– Poly-V Belt Drive System: This belt drive system reduces vibration and noise levels while creating a more efficient and longer-lasting saw.
– Blade Surround and Collection System: This system captures dust and debris, keeping the workspace clean and creating a safer, healthier work environment.
– Riving Knife: The riving knife keeps the wood from pinching the blade, reducing the risk of accidents and creating more precise cuts.
– Quick-release Riving Knife and Blade Guard: These features make changing the blade and riving knife a breeze, saving valuable time and increasing productivity.


– High Precision: The Accu-Fence system, blade surround and collection system, and riving knife work together to create incredibly precise cuts.
– Quiet and Efficient: The Poly-V belt drive system reduces noise and vibration, while also increasing efficiency.
– Durable: The Powermatic PM1000 is built with a heavy-duty construction that ensures longevity and durability.
– Safety Features: The riving knife and blade guard are essential safety features that reduce the risk of accidents during cuts.


– High Price Point: The Powermatic PM1000 is a top-of-the-line tool and is therefore more expensive than other table saws on the market.
– Heavy: This table saw is relatively heavy, making it difficult to move around the workshop.
– Complicated Setup: The Powermatic PM1000 requires some assembly, and the instructions can be challenging to follow.

Overall, the Powermatic PM1000 1791001K is an excellent choice for woodworkers who demand the highest level of precision and safety. With its advanced fencing system, efficient belt drive, and safety features, this saw is sure to impress. While it may come with a higher price tag, the durability and longevity it provides make it well worth the investment.

3. Grizzly G0771Z

Grizzly G0771Z

The Grizzly G0771Z is a 10-inch hybrid table saw ideal for those who demand accuracy, power, and versatility in their woodworking projects. With its strong base and aluminum trunnions, users can be assured of stability and precision that can match those of more expensive models. Additionally, its cabinet-mounted trunnions deliver the performance users need, while its quick-release blade guard and riving knife can make adjustments and changes a breeze.

Unique Features

1. Quick-release blade guard and riving knife
2. Cabinet-mounted trunnions for better stability and precision
3. Triple belt drive system for smoother operation
4. Aluminum precision ground table top
5. T-style rip fence with cam lock


– Great quality for an affordable price
– Strong and stable base for better control
– Superior blade and motor that can cut through thick materials
– Easy to set up and use
– Good dust collection system for a cleaner workspace


– Some users report difficulty in aligning the blade
– May require some tweaking to get accurate cuts
– Dust collection system may require improvement

Overall, the Grizzly G0771Z is a highly reliable and efficient table saw that can deliver outstanding performance for its price. It may have some minor cons, but it is a great investment for anyone who wants a powerful and versatile tool for their woodworking projects.

4. Jet 725000K

Jet 725000K

The Jet 725000K is a 2 horsepower dust collector that is designed to effectively remove dust and debris from any woodworking project. It has a large 12-inch impeller that delivers a high volume of air, resulting in efficient and effective dust collection.

Unique Features

  • The Jet 725000K has a sturdy steel base that provides stability and durability.
  • It comes with a remote control that allows you to easily turn on and off the dust collector from a distance.
  • The collection bags are made of high-quality material that ensures they don’t tear or rip easily.
  • The Jet 725000K has a four-inch dust port that connects to any standard dust collection system.


  • The Jet 725000K is designed to be extremely easy to use.
  • It is very powerful and can handle large volumes of sawdust and debris.
  • The remote control makes it easy to turn on and off the dust collector from a distance, which can be very convenient.
  • The high-quality collection bags ensure that the dust collector is very effective at capturing all the dust and debris from your woodworking projects.


  • The Jet 725000K is quite large, so it may not be the best option for smaller workshops.
  • It can be quite noisy when running at full power, which may be an issue for some users.
  • The Jet 725000K is relatively expensive compared to some other dust collectors on the market.

Overall, the Jet 725000K is an excellent dust collector that is perfect for any serious woodworker. Its unique features, such as the remote control and high-quality collection bags, make it stand out from other dust collectors on the market. It does have a few downsides, but its powerful motor and efficient dust collection capabilities make it a strong contender for anyone in need of a reliable and effective dust collector.

Buying Guide for Best 120 Volt Shop Table Saw

Find the best 120 volt shop table saw for your woodworking projects with our comprehensive buying guide. Compare and review top-rated models, features, and prices to make an informed purchase decision. Get the perfect saw for your needs and budget today.

Belt Size

1. The belt size of a 120 volt shop table saw can impact the saw’s overall performance. A properly sized belt can help ensure maximum power transfer from the motor to the blade, resulting in efficient cutting. An improperly sized belt may cause the saw to underperform or even overheat, which can affect both the quality of your cuts and the longevity of your saw.

2. Belt replacement is also an important consideration when purchasing a 120 volt shop table saw. Over time, belts can wear or break, which may require replacement. Ensuring that you have the correct sized belt for your specific saw can make for easier replacement and potential cost savings in the long run.

Motor Power

Looking for motor power is crucial when purchasing a 120 volt shop table saw. The motor power will determine the saw’s performance and the quality of the cuts. A powerful motor will allow the saw to cut through thicker materials with ease and without bogging down. It will also provide a faster cutting speed, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Additionally, a powerful motor will create less vibration, leading to a smoother cut and less wear and tear on the saw’s blade. This will result in longer-lasting blades and a better overall sawing experience. In summary, motor power is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a 120 volt shop table saw, as it directly impacts the saw’s performance, efficiency, and overall quality.

Belt Speed

Firstly, belt speed is an important factor to consider when purchasing a 120-volt shop table saw because it determines how smoothly and accurately the saw can cut through different types of wood. A faster belt speed will allow for a more efficient cutting process, especially when dealing with thicker or harder woods. On the other hand, a slower belt speed may result in rougher cuts and could make it more difficult to work with certain woods. Therefore, it is important to look for a table saw that offers adjustable belt speed options to ensure that you can achieve optimal cutting results no matter what type of wood you are working with.

Secondly, belt speed is important for safety reasons when using a 120-volt shop table saw. A saw with a faster belt speed may pose a greater risk of accidents or injury, especially for inexperienced or novice users. It is important to choose a table saw with a speed that you feel comfortable and confident working with, and that allows you to make precise, controlled cuts without compromising your safety. In summary, selecting a table saw with an appropriate belt speed is crucial for achieving accurate cuts, as well as for ensuring your safety and the safety of others in your workshop.

Dust Collection System

Firstly, when operating a table saw, sawdust can become a huge issue. Without proper dust collection, the sawdust can accumulate on the surface and interfere with the cutting process. Not only does this make the process more challenging and time-consuming, but it also poses a safety risk. Sawdust can get in your eyes and lungs, which can cause irritation and damage. A good dust collector should easily gather up most of the sawdust in the air and leave the workspace much cleaner and safer.

Secondly, dust collectors prevent sawdust from getting into the motor, which can damage it over time, especially in a 120 volt table saw. This can significantly reduce the lifespan of your saw, and it can also lead to costly repairs or even a complete replacement. Investing in a dust collection system for your shop table saw can save you money in the long run by keeping your saw operating at its best and extending its lifespan.


Firstly, adjustability is vital in a 120 volt shop table saw because it enables precision and accuracy in cutting tasks. With adjustable features, such as blade height and angle, fence position, and bevel capacity, you can fine-tune the saw to match the specific cut you want to make. This means you can get straight and clean cuts without rough edges or splinters, ensuring your projects have a professional finish. Moreover, adjustability allows you to tackle a wide range of materials and thicknesses, making the saw versatile and useful in any woodworking or DIY setup.

Secondly, adjustable features make the saw user-friendly, safe, and convenient. With intuitive controls and easy-to-read dials, you can adjust the saw to your desired settings quickly and accurately, eliminating guesswork and ensuring consistent performance. Additionally, you can adjust the saw blade or other components to suit your comfort and skill level, reducing fatigue and the risk of accidents. And since many shop table saws are bulky and heavy, adjustable features also make it easier to move or store the saw, simplifying use and upkeep.

Ease Of Use

When shopping for a 120 volt shop table saw, the ease of use should be a top consideration. A saw that is easy to use will save you both time and frustration in the long run. With easy to access controls, quick blade changes, and a smooth cutting action, you can work with confidence and efficiency. This can lead to more accurate cuts, reduced labor time, and better overall results.

Additionally, safety is also a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a shop table saw. An easy-to-use saw will include safety features that are easy to implement, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. Look for saws that come with safety guards, automatic blade stop mechanisms, and soft-start features. Having an easy-to-use saw can make a significant difference in both the quality of your work and your safety while operating it.


Looking for durability when purchasing a 120 volt shop table saw is crucial because it ensures a long-lasting and reliable machine that can withstand years of heavy use. A durable table saw can handle the high demands of daily work without showing significant wear or damage. This means lower maintenance costs, fewer repairs, and less downtime, resulting in increased productivity and efficiency in the workshop.

In addition, a durable 120 volt shop table saw provides a safe working environment for the operator. A sturdy and robust machine reduces the risk of accidents and injuries, as it can manage the load and power required for cutting through different materials. A table saw that is not durable can get damaged easily, leading to unstable and unsafe use that could result in accidents. Therefore, prioritizing durability when purchasing a 120 volt shop table saw is crucial for the safety and well-being of the operator and the entire workshop.


How many volts is a table saw?

Table saws can have different voltage ratings depending on the model and manufacturer. The most common voltage rating for table saws is 120 volts, although some models can have 240 volts. It is important to check the user manual or product specifications to ensure you are using the appropriate voltage for your table saw.

How many watts do you need to run a table saw?

Generally, a table saw requires a minimum of 1,500 to 2,000 watts to run efficiently. However, the exact wattage required may vary depending on the size and model of the saw.

Where are Powermatic table saws made?

Powermatic table saws are made in the USA.


In conclusion, the SawStop PCS175-TGP236 stands as the best 120 volt shop table saw currently available. With its unparalleled safety features and impressive performance, it’s no surprise that this product is the top choice in the industry. However, the Powermatic PM1000 1791001K is also an excellent option for those seeking a high-quality table saw. It offers a comparable level of power and precision, making it a close second to the SawStop. Ultimately, the choice between these two products will come down to personal preferences and specific needs. Regardless of which option you choose, these table saws are sure to provide the reliability and performance that any shop owner demands.