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5 Best 8 1 2 Miter Saw Ranked in 2024

A best 8 1 2 miter saw is an essential power tool for any woodworking or DIY project. With its precise and accurate cutting ability, it can help you create intricate designs, make angled cuts, or trim pieces to perfection. In this article, we’ll be reviewing some of the top 8 1 2 miter saws available on the market, including their features, benefits, and drawbacks. Whether you’re a professional carpenter or a hobbyist, this guide aims to help you make an informed decision on the best 8 1 2 miter saw for your needs.

Finding the right miter saw for your projects can be a daunting task, especially when it comes to the 8 1/2-inch models. With so many options on the market, it can be difficult to determine which one is the best fit for your needs.

Not all miter saws are created equal, and choosing the wrong one can lead to inaccurate cuts and wasted materials. Additionally, some models may be too bulky or heavy for your workspace, making them inconvenient to use. On top of that, prices can vary significantly, leaving you unsure of whether you’re getting the best value.

To help you narrow down your options, it’s essential to research reviews and specifications on different models. Look for features like accuracy, ease of use, and portability to determine which saw is the right fit for your needs. Consider shopping around and comparing prices from different retailers to ensure you’re getting the best possible deal. With a little effort, you can find the best 8 1/2-inch miter saw for your projects and take your woodworking to the next level.

The Best 8 1 2 Miter Saw on the Market Right Now

Discover the top 8 1/2 miter saws on the market with our comprehensive guide. Find the perfect tool for your woodworking needs and get precise cuts every time.

1. Bosch Cm12Sd

Bosch CM12SD

The Bosch CM12SD is a 12-inch dual-bevel slide compound miter saw designed with precision and durability in mind. It is a versatile tool that is capable of completing a vast array of cutting tasks with efficiency and ease. Whether you’re working on woodworking, cabinetry, or aluminum fabrication projects, the Bosch CM12SD is a reliable tool that won’t disappoint.

Unique Features

  • Dual-Bevel Capability, which allows for both left and right bevel cuts from 0-47°.
  • Glide System, which provides smooth precision on every cut you make and allows for wider cross cuts.
  • High Precision Integrated Laser, which helps to guide your cuts, increasing accuracy and saving time in production.
  • Upfront Bevel Control System: Provides convenient access to control bevel with minimal effort from the operator.
  • Dual-bevel capability, allowing you to complete complicated cuts faster and more comfortably without wasting time.
  • Integrated laser for accurate cuts. The laser will help you aim and make your cuts with high precision and accuracy.
  • Glide System, offering smooth and effortless cutting with less work, less wear and tear, and less fatigue than other miter saws in the market.
  • The saw may produce a significant amount of dust due to the powerful motor, which can be minimized by using a dust extractor or dust mask.
  • The saw is heavier compared to other models, which can make transportation and mobility less convenient when you have to move it from site to site.

Overall, the Bosch CM12SD is a reliable and versatile tool that is perfect for anyone who wants to take on a wide range of cutting projects with ease. With its unique features, ultimate precision, and comfortable gliding system, it is a valuable addition to any workshop, whether you’re a professional or a DIYer. With its accurate and smooth cuts, the Bosch CM12SD is a tool that will significantly help you save time and effort for any upcoming projects.

2. Makita Ls0815F

Makita LS0815F

The Makita LS0815F is a powerful and versatile compound miter saw that is perfect for professionals and DIY enthusiasts. It delivers accurate and clean cuts on a range of materials, making it an ideal choice for carpentry, woodworking, and remodeling projects.

This saw comes with a 10-amp motor that delivers 5000 RPM, ensuring that it can handle a variety of cutting tasks. The saw has a 8-1/2 inch blade that can be adjusted up to 50 degrees to the left and 60 degrees to the right, allowing it to cut bevels and compound angles with ease. It also has a unique ball bearing system that ensures smooth and accurate cuts every time.

Unique Features

– Bevel Capacity: The Makita LS0815F has a bevel capacity of 45 degrees to the left and 5 degrees to the right, giving you a wider range of cutting options.
– Compact and Lightweight Design: This saw is lightweight and easy to move around, yet is powerful enough to handle tough cutting tasks.
– Laser Guide: The built-in laser guide system ensures that you get precise cuts every time, thereby saving you time and minimizing wastage.

– Versatile: The Makita LS0815F can handle a range of cutting tasks, including bevel cuts and compound angles, making it perfect for a range of projects.
– Accurate: The laser guide system and ball bearing system ensure that every cut is clean and precise.
– Easy to Use: This saw is easy to operate, with clear and easy-to-read markings, making it suitable for professionals and beginners alike.

– Dust Collection: The dust collection system on this saw could be improved, as it tends to leave debris around the blade area.
– Limited Cutting Capacity: The 8-1/2 inch blade size may not be sufficient for larger cutting tasks, which could be a drawback for some users.

Overall, the Makita LS0815F is an excellent choice for those who are looking for a reliable and versatile compound miter saw. Its portability, accuracy, and ease of use make it a popular choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike.

3. Hitachi C8Fse

Hitachi C8FSE

The Hitachi C8FSE is a 8-1/2-inch sliding compound miter saw that is designed for precision and accuracy. This tool is perfect for professionals who work in woodworking, cabinetry, and furniture making.

With its powerful 9.5-amp motor and compact design, the C8FSE is capable of making a wide range of cuts. It has a maximum bevel angle of 48 degrees and a maximum miter angle of 57 degrees to the right and 45 degrees to the left.

The saw’s laser marker system helps to increase accuracy by providing a precise cut line indication, even in low light conditions. The C8FSE also features a fixed pivot fence that raises and lowers for cutting crown molding vertically, eliminating the need for awkward angled cuts.

In addition, the C8FSE comes with a dust bag that helps to keep your workspace clean by capturing sawdust as you work.

Unique Features

– Laser marker system for increased accuracy
– Fixed pivot fence for cutting crown molding vertically
– Compact design for easy storage and portability
– Soft start function for reducing noise and recoil


– Powerful motor for efficient cutting
– Laser marker system for precise cuts
– Compact design for easy storage and portability
– Fixed pivot fence for cutting crown molding vertically


– The dust bag is not very effective at capturing all of the sawdust
– The saw’s weight may make it difficult for some users to move around the workspace

4. Delta S26-263L

Delta S26-263L

The Delta S26-263L is a powerful 10-inch sliding miter saw that offers a wide range of features and capabilities. With a 15-amp motor that delivers up to 5,500 RPM, this saw can handle a variety of cutting tasks with ease. It also features a dual bevel system that allows you to make precise cuts at any angle, and a laser guide for increased accuracy.

This saw comes equipped with a durable aluminum base and a sturdy fence that provides added stability during use. It also has a dust collection system that helps keep your work area clean and free of debris. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, the Delta S26-263L is a reliable and versatile tool that can help you tackle a variety of cutting tasks.

Unique Features

– Dual Bevel System for precise cuts at any angle
– Laser Guide for increased accuracy
– Dust Collection System to keep your work area clean


– Powerful 15-amp motor
– Versatile sliding design
– Durable construction for long-lasting use


– Large and heavy, making it less portable
– Can be noisy during use
– Blade may be difficult to change for some users

Overall, the Delta S26-263L is a reliable and versatile miter saw that offers a range of useful features and capabilities for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts. While it may be less portable than some other saws on the market, its durable construction and powerful motor make it a solid investment for anyone in need of a high-quality cutting tool.

5. Metabo Hpt C10Fshc

Metabo HPT C10FSHC

The Metabo HPT C10FSHC is a highly efficient, versatile and powerful tool that is designed to make cutting easier for you. It features a powerful 15-amp motor that enables it to deliver a maximum no-load speed of up to 3,800 RPM, making it suitable for both heavy-duty and light-duty applications.

The saw comes with a double bevel sliding compound miter, which offers you the flexibility to make angled cuts with ease. The laser marker system ensures that your cuts are accurate, and the LED light lets you see your workspace clearly.

  • The saw comes equipped with Metabo’s exclusive laser marker system and LED light that provides you with accurate cuts by illuminating your workspace.
  • The C10FSHC saw comes fitted with a large sliding fence that offers you better support when working with larger workpieces.
  • The Dual-Bevel Compound Miter Saw has a zero-stop depth adjustment that allows you to cut same-sized materials with precision.
  • The C10FSHC’s motor has a soft start mechanism, which helps to reduce noise and vibration, provides reliable performance and extends tool life.
  • The saw also comes with a dust collection system that helps keep your workspace clean.
  • The powerful 15-amp motor delivers a maximum no-load speed of up to 3,800 RPM, making it suitable for both heavy-duty and light-duty applications.
  • The dual-bevel sliding compound miter ensures that you can make precise angled cuts easily.
  • The laser marker system and LED work light help you make accurate cuts by illuminating your workspace.
  • Comes with a 5-year warranty, ensuring that you can enjoy the product’s benefits for a long time.
  • The saw is relatively heavy, making it difficult to move around, especially for those working in different job sites.
  • Maneuvering the saw can be challenging, especially for beginners, as the controls are not very intuitive.
  • The saw doesn’t come with sufficient features, such as a laser guide or stopper, to support repetitive cuts.

Buying Guide for Best 8 1 2 Miter Saw

Looking to buy an 8 1 2 miter saw? Our buying guide has got you covered! Learn about top-rated models, features to consider, and more to help you make an informed purchase. Save time and money by choosing the perfect miter saw for your needs with our expert advice.

Blade Size

The blade size is an important factor to consider when purchasing an 8 1/2 miter saw as it directly affects the saw’s cutting capacity. A larger blade size means that the saw can handle larger and thicker materials, while a smaller blade size limits the saw’s ability to cut through thicker materials. Additionally, blade size can also affect the precision and accuracy of the cuts made with the miter saw. Therefore, selecting the appropriate blade size for the material you will be working with is crucial to achieving the desired results.

Motor Power

The motor power of a miter saw is an important factor to consider when purchasing an 8 1/2 inch miter saw. The power of the motor directly affects its cutting capacity, and a powerful motor will enable you to cut through thick materials with ease and accuracy. Higher motor power also reduces the risk of damage to your saw blade or motor, which can be costly to repair or replace.

In addition to cutting capacity and durability, motor power also affects the speed and efficiency of your saw. A more powerful motor will operate at higher speeds and provide smoother, more precise cuts. This can significantly reduce your workload and save you time and effort when working with a wide range of materials. In short, looking for a miter saw with adequate motor power is crucial to ensure that you get the best performance and value from your investment.

Miter Range

The Miter range is a crucial feature to consider when purchasing an 8 1/2 miter saw. This range determines the saw’s ability to make angled cuts, which is the primary function of a miter saw. A wider miter range ensures that the saw can cut at various angles, enabling it to handle different types of projects. Therefore, when choosing a miter saw, you should look for one with a large miter range to guarantee versatility and precision in your cuts.

Another reason to consider the miter range when purchasing an 8 1/2 miter saw is for the tool’s flexibility. A saw with a wide miter range can cut both beveled and angled cuts, offering you more creative freedom with your work. This flexibility is essential, especially if you’ll be working on many diverse projects. Choosing a saw with generous miter angles allows you to maneuver the saw with ease and achieve precise, clean cuts that meet your project’s specifications. Therefore, checking the miter range is a smart move when purchasing a miter saw.

Bevel Range

The Bevel range is an important feature to consider when purchasing an 8 1 2 miter saw because it determines the level of flexibility and versatility the tool will offer during use. The Bevel range refers to the angle range offered by the machine when the saw blade is angled to make beveled cuts. A saw with a wider Bevel range offers more cutting options and is suitable for a broader range of projects. Therefore, when purchasing an 8 1 2 miter saw, you should always look for one with a Bevel range that will allow you to make cuts in a variety of angles and directions.

Another reason why you should look for Bevel range when purchasing an 8 1 2 miter saw is to ensure that the tool can handle both basic and more intricate cutting tasks. A saw with a wider Bevel range can cut through a broad range of materials, such as wood, plastic, and metal. It also allows for more complex cuts, such as compound bevels and double bevels, which are essential for making certain types of professional-grade cuts. Therefore, looking for a saw with a wide Bevel range is essential to ensure that you have a versatile tool that can handle all your cutting tasks with ease.

Dust Collection System

First, a dust collection system ensures that the workspace remains clean and safe by preventing sawdust and debris from accumulating on the floor and other surfaces. This prevents the risk of injuries and accidents due to slipping or tripping on debris. Additionally, sawdust can be irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat, and can cause respiratory issues if inhaled regularly. Therefore, a dust collection system can help maintain better air quality and reduce the health risks associated with dust exposure.

Secondly, a dust collection system can help improve the efficiency and accuracy of the cutting process by providing better visibility of the cutting line. Without a dust collection system, sawdust can obstruct the operator’s view of the cutting line, resulting in inaccurate cuts and wasted materials. By ensuring a clear view of the cutting line, operators can achieve more accurate and precise cuts, resulting in less material waste and better finished products.

Positive Stops

Looking for positive stops when purchasing an 8 1 2 miter saw is crucial because they allow for more precise and accurate cuts. Positive stops are pre-set angles that the saw can be adjusted to, so you can quickly and easily set the saw to the exact angle you need for your project. This greatly reduces the risk of making mistakes and wasting materials. Additionally, positive stops make it easier for beginners to use the saw and achieve good results. Therefore, purchasing a miter saw with positive stops is a smart investment for anyone who wants to ensure their cuts are accurate and efficient.


The fence is an essential feature to look for when searching for an 8 1/2 miter saw. The fence not only keeps your wood in place, but it also ensures accurate and consistent angles. You want a fence that is solid and easy to adjust, as this will ensure your cuts are clean and precise. Without a fence, you risk crooked cuts and inconsistency in angle measurements, which can be frustrating and time-consuming.

In addition to its important role in ensuring accurate cuts, the fence also provides an added level of safety. By holding your wood in place as you make your cuts, the fence reduces the risk of kickback, which occurs when the wood is thrown back toward the operator, potentially causing serious injury. Therefore, when purchasing an 8 1/2 miter saw, it’s essential to look for a reliable fence that will help you achieve accurate cuts while also keeping you safe.


Accuracy should be a key consideration when purchasing an 8 1 2-inch miter saw. A high degree of accuracy ensures precise and consistent cuts, reducing the need for adjustments and minimizing wastage. Additionally, accurate miter saws produce clean and smooth cuts, which is essential when working with delicate projects or when intricate cuts are required. Choosing an accurate miter saw means that you can work with confidence, knowing that each cut will be precise and reliable. Furthermore, accurate miter saws provide greater safety since there is less chance of the blade binding or overheating due to incorrect alignment. Therefore, carefully considering the accuracy of a 8 1 2-inch miter saw is essential to ensure you get the best tool for your projects.


Can a 8 1 2 in miter saw cut 4×4?

Yes, an 8 1/2 inch miter saw can cut a 4×4 piece of wood. However, the blade may not be able to cut through the entire width of the wood in one pass and may require flipping the wood over to make a second cut.

What miter saw to cut 2×8?

A 10-inch or 12-inch miter saw is best for cutting 2×8 boards.

What is the best saw for cutting miter?

A compound miter saw is the best saw for cutting miters.

Why get a 7 1 4 miter saw?

A 7 1/4 miter saw is a great choice if you need a smaller, more portable saw for occasional DIY or hobbyist projects. It’s also more affordable than larger models and takes up less space in your workshop or garage.


In conclusion, purchasing the best 8 1 2 miter saw is crucial for projects that require precise and accurate cuts. After thorough research and evaluation, it can be concluded that the Bosch CM12SD is the top product amongst the range of saws available in the market. It offers a wider range of features and technologies, including the dual-bevel system, innovative axial glide mechanism, dual laser guides, and high cutting capacity. However, the Makita LS0815F remains a suitable alternative for those on a budget or with limited cutting needs. With a superior design, technology, precision, and reliability, the best 8 1 2 miter saw should be an essential tool for any professional or DIY enthusiast.
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