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Best Brick Table Saw Top 5 Ranked [2024]

When it comes to cutting bricks, having the right tools for the job is essential. A brick table saw is an excellent investment for any builder or DIY enthusiast looking to make precise cuts quickly and efficiently. However, with so many saws on the market, it can be challenging to choose the best brick table saw for your needs. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the different factors to consider when selecting a saw and review some of the best brick table saws available.
Are you tired of using ordinary saws for cutting bricks and missing out on precision and efficiency?

Cutting bricks with an ordinary saw can take a lot of time and effort, and the outcomes might not meet your expectations. The bricks can easily break, resulting in loss of money and time. Moreover, ordinary saws require a lot of skill and expertise, causing inconvenience for DIYers and enthusiasts.

Fortunately, with the best brick table saw, you can cut bricks with ease and precision. A brick table saw provides efficient and accurate cuts, ensuring that your bricks are consistent in shape and size. It is easy to operate and takes less time while ensuring safety. Whether you are a professional or just a DIYer, a brick table saw can help you get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The best brick table saw on the Market Right Now

Find out the top brick table saws to cut through bricks and other masonry with ease. Discover which models are the best in this comprehensive article.

1. Mk-212-6


When it comes to brick table saws, the MK-212-6 is considered the best option in the market. This is because it is specially designed to make precision cuts on bricks, tiles, and similar materials. The product has been tested by many professionals who have testified to its efficiency and effectiveness. Additionally, MK-212-6 has unique features that make it stand out from other brick table saws in the market. In this article, we will explore the reasons why the MK-212-6 is the best brick table saw in the market.

MK-212-6 brick table saw is the perfect saw for cutting all types of bricks, pavers, and tiles. The product is designed with a plunge feature that makes it easy to cut precisely without any wobbling. It has a 2-horsepower motor that can deliver 3450 RPM, which makes it efficient for a variety of cutting jobs. Additionally, the saw has a 72-inch cutting length, which is long enough to cut any material. The water system is designed with a reservoir that can hold up to 10 gallons, which is enough for extended use. The saw weighs approximately 250 pounds, making it easy to move from one job site to the other.

Unique Features

  • Precise cuts that eliminate wobbling
  • 2 horsepower motor with a 3450 RPM speed
  • A cutting length of 72 inches
  • A water system with a 10-gallon capacity


  • The plunge feature allows for precision cutting
  • The 72-inch cutting length makes it versatile for different materials
  • It has a powerful motor that makes it efficient for cutting
  • The 10-gallon capacity water system minimizes dust and debris
  • It is relatively light and easy to transport


  • The saw is relatively heavy and may be difficult to move alone
  • The water system may require frequent refilling, especially during extended use
  • The saw may be expensive for some customers

In summary, MK-212-6 is the best brick table saw for professionals who require precise cutting for different materials. Its unique features make it an excellent investment for those looking for high-performance equipment. However, it is essential to note that the saw may require practice before novice users can efficiently operate it. The product is relatively expensive, but its value is worthwhile for those looking for quality and efficiency.

2. Husqvarna Ts 60

Husqvarna TS 60

The Husqvarna TS 60 is a top-of-the-line tile saw designed for professional use. Its powerful motor and precision cutting capabilities make it a great choice for contractors who need to tackle large-scale tile projects quickly and efficiently.

Unique Features

– The Husqvarna TS 60 features a powerful 2.4 horsepower motor that can easily cut through all types of tile materials, including porcelain, granite, and marble.
– Its large 10-inch blade and innovative water management system allow for smooth, precise cuts every time, even on difficult materials like glass or mosaic tile.
– The saw also features a removable cutting cart for easy cleanup, as well as a foldable stand for storage and transport.
– The Husqvarna TS 60 is also equipped with a high-quality laser guide system that provides accurate cutting guidance, ensuring your cuts are always spot-on.


– The Husqvarna TS 60 is built to last, with a sturdy construction that can withstand heavy use and abuse on even the most challenging job sites.
– Its powerful motor and precise cutting capabilities make it a top choice for professional tile contractors who need to get the job done quickly and accurately.
– The saw’s innovative water management system helps to reduce messy cleanup and makes it easier to keep your work area clean and tidy.
– The Husqvarna TS 60’s high-quality laser guide system ensures that your cuts are always precise, which can save time and prevent costly mistakes.


– The Husqvarna TS 60 is a professional-grade tile saw, so it may be more expensive than other, less powerful models.
– Its large size and weight may make it difficult to move around a job site or transport to different locations.
– Some users may find the Husqvarna TS 60 to be more complex to use than other tile saws, especially if they are not experienced with using professional-grade power tools.

3. Dewalt D24000S


If you’re looking for a high-quality wet tile saw that can cut through almost anything, then the DEWALT D24000S is the one for you. This powerful saw allows you to cut tiles up to 24 inches in length and 18 inches in width. It’s perfect for both professional contractors and DIY enthusiasts, thanks to its robust design and advanced features.

Unique Features

  • The saw comes with a stainless steel rail system that ensures precise and accurate cuts every time.
  • The saw has an integrated folding stand, which makes it easy to transport and store when not in use.
  • The saw has a powerful 1.5 horsepower motor that can easily cut through the thickest and toughest materials.
  • The saw is equipped with a removable water containment tray, which makes it easy to clean and maintain.


  • The saw is extremely easy to use, even for beginners.
  • The saw is very efficient and can cut through a variety of different materials, including porcelain, ceramic, and stone.
  • The saw has a powerful motor that makes cutting through tough materials a breeze.
  • The saw is very durable and is built to last for years to come.


  • The saw is quite expensive and may not be the best option for those on a tight budget.
  • The saw is relatively heavy, which may make it difficult to move around when it’s set up.
  • The saw can be quite loud, which may be a concern for those who live in close proximity to their neighbors.

Overall, the DEWALT D24000S is an excellent wet tile saw that is perfect for anyone looking for a powerful and efficient cutting tool. Its unique features and advanced design make it a must-have for anyone in the market for a new tile saw.

4. Skil 3540-02

SKIL 3540-02

The SKIL 3540-02 is a powerful and versatile wet tile saw designed to handle a variety of cutting tasks. Whether you’re a professional contractor or a DIY enthusiast, this saw is a great choice for cutting ceramic, porcelain, and stone tiles up to 12 inches in size.

With its powerful 4.2-amp motor and adjustable rip fence, the SKIL 3540-02 can handle even the toughest tile-cutting jobs with ease. The saw’s stainless steel tabletop provides a durable and stable cutting surface, while the water reservoir keeps the blade cool and minimizes dust and debris.

The SKIL 3540-02 is also incredibly easy to use, thanks to its intuitive design and user-friendly controls. The saw’s adjustable bevel allows for precision cuts at various angles, while the included blade guard and splash guard provide added safety protection.

Unique Features

  • Powerful 4.2-amp motor for tough cutting jobs
  • Adjustable rip fence for precise cuts
  • Stainless steel tabletop for durability and stability
  • Water reservoir for cooling the blade and minimizing dust and debris


  • Easy to use and operate
  • Adjustable bevel allows for precision cuts at various angles
  • Blade guard and splash guard provide added safety protection
  • Can cut a variety of tile sizes and materials
  • Affordable price point compared to similar tile saws


  • Saw blade may dull quickly with heavy use
  • Water reservoir may need frequent refilling during extended use
  • Saw is relatively heavy and bulky, making it less portable than other models

5. Ridgid R4092


The RIDGID R4092 is a 10-inch tile saw designed to handle even the toughest tile jobs. With its powerful 15-amp motor, it can easily cut through porcelain, stone, and masonry materials up to 3-1/2 inches thick. The saw also features an anti-splash system that keeps water and debris from spraying outside the cutting area, making it a cleaner and safer option for any job site.

One main feature of the RIDGID R4092 is its mobile wheel system, which makes it easy to move the saw around job sites. The saw also features a foldable stand that makes it easy to set up and store. Additionally, the saw comes with a durable die-cast aluminum table and a customizable miter gauge that can be adjusted to any angle.

Unique Features

– Powerful 15-amp motor
– Anti-splash system
– Mobile wheel system
– Foldable stand
– Die-cast aluminum table
– Customizable miter gauge


– Powerful motor can handle tough tile jobs
– Anti-splash system keeps work area clean
– Mobility makes it easy to move around job site
– Durable construction ensures long-lasting use


– Somewhat heavy and bulky, not ideal for small workspaces
– May require some assembly and calibration before use
– Higher price point compared to other tile saw options

Buying Guide for Best Brick Table Saw

Looking to buy a brick table saw? Our buying guide is here to help you make an informed decision. Discover the key features to look for, find out what you need to know about safety, and compare the top models on the market. Get the information you need to make the best purchase for your needs.

Belt Size

When purchasing a brick table saw, it is essential to look for the belt size. The belt is an integral component of the saw’s operation, as it transfers power from the motor to the blade, enabling it to cut through bricks efficiently. If the belt is too small, it can put a strain on the motor and cause it to burn out quickly. On the other hand, if the belt is too large, it may slip off the pulley, resulting in poor cutting performance. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that the belt size is compatible with the motor to achieve optimal sawing results.

Moreover, the size of the belt can also affect the saw’s overall durability and lifespan. The right size of the belt can ensure that the motor operates smoothly and efficiently, ultimately reducing maintenance costs and extending the saw’s longevity. By selecting an appropriate belt size, you can also prevent costly damages and repairs, allowing you to get the most out of your brick table saw investment. Therefore, it is vital to consider the belt size when purchasing a brick table saw to ensure it operates at its highest performance level and lasts for years to come.

Motor Power

Motor power is one of the essential features of a brick table saw that you should consider before making any purchase. This is because the motor is responsible for the saw’s ability to perform and deliver consistent and accurate cuts. A motor is what powers the blade and determines how deep and fast it cuts through various materials, including bricks. Therefore, the higher the motor power, the better performance and cutting ability the saw will have, making it crucial to look for a table saw with a powerful motor.

Furthermore, a powerful motor also means that the saw can handle larger and harder brick materials with ease. It will enable you to cut through thick and solid bricks seamlessly, which would have been impossible with a low-powered motor. Additionally, a powerful motor also guarantees that your saw will last longer and require less maintenance. Hence, when purchasing a brick table saw, it is essential to focus on motor power as it will determine the saw’s cutting ability, performance, and durability.

Variable Speed Control

Variable speed control is an important feature to look for when purchasing a brick table saw. This feature enables you to control the speed of the blade and adjust it to suit the material you are sawing. It allows you to run the blade at a slower speed for harder materials like bricks or concrete, and at higher speeds for softer materials like wood. With variable speed control, you can achieve cleaner cuts as you can reduce the risk of chipping or cracking the brick surface while cutting.

Another reason to look for variable speed control when purchasing a brick table saw is that it enables you to extend the lifespan of the blade. Running the blade at a slower speed reduces wear and tear on the blade edges, resulting in a longer blade life. Additionally, variable speed control also reduces the risk of overheating the motor, which can lead to a shorter lifespan of the saw. Therefore, along with safer and more precise cuts, variable speed control is a necessary feature for those who need to make clean cuts on bricks regularly.

Dust Collection System

Firstly, using a brick table saw can produce a large amount of dust which can cause respiratory problems to the user. The dust can also be harmful to the environment and can create a mess around the workspace. By having a dust collection system, it will help collect the dust and debris before it spreads around the workspace keeping the environment clean.

Secondly, a dust collection system can also increase the longevity of the brick table saw. Too much dust and debris can build up over time and can damage the internal components of the saw leading to decreased performance and lifespan. With a dust collection system, it keeps the saw clean and reduces the amount of debris that gets inside the machine, leading to a longer lifespan and better overall performance.

Construction Quality

When purchasing a brick table saw, it is crucial to look for construction quality because it determines the tool’s durability and strength. The construction quality of the saw’s frame, table, and blade guard impacts its ability to withstand heavy use and harsh job site conditions. A well-constructed brick table saw with sturdy materials and reliable welding ensures that it will last longer, save money in the long run, and provide accurate cuts. Overall, investing in a brick table saw with good construction quality guarantees a safe and efficient tool for working with bricks.

Another reason to look for construction quality when purchasing a brick table saw is to minimize the risk of accidents and injuries. A poorly constructed saw with loose bolts, flimsy guards, or unstable frames can lead to accidents on the job site. The blade’s speed and the saw’s power make it a dangerous tool to work with, especially if the user cannot rely on its construction. A high-quality brick table saw ensures accurate cuts and safe operation, reducing the possibility of operator injuries. Thus, checking construction quality is crucial before buying a brick table saw as it guarantees a safe and secure tool.

Ease Of Belt Replacement

The ease of belt replacement is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a brick table saw. When the saw’s belt wears out or breaks, quick and easy replacement can save you time and reduce downtime. If the replacement process is complicated, it may be necessary to seek professional assistance or take extended time. Ease of belt replacement ensures that you can quickly replace the belt and resume your work without any hassle.

Moreover, an easy-to-replace belt system could also save you money in the long run. Some brick table saws require expensive parts or specialized technical assistance to replace the belt. This often leads to higher maintenance costs, and it can be frustrating for owners who are looking to get more out of their investment. Therefore, when looking for a brick table saw, a model with an easy belt replacement system is an excellent option for those looking for a cost-effective tool.

Weight Of The Sander

When purchasing a brick table saw, it is crucial to consider the weight of the sander. This is because the weight of the sander indicates its stability and durability. A heavier sander will generally be more stable during use, reducing the likelihood of accidental falls or tip-overs. Additionally, a heavier sander may indicate better quality construction materials, which can increase the lifespan of the tool.

Furthermore, the weight of the sander can also impact its user-friendliness. A lighter sander may be easier to maneuver to different work areas, while a heavier sander may require additional effort to move. Ultimately, choosing the appropriate weight for your brick table saw sander will depend on your individual needs and preferences.


When it comes to purchasing a brick table saw, price should definitely be a factor to consider. Not only will it help you stay within your budget, but it can also give you an idea of the quality of the saw. However, it’s important to not solely focus on the price point, but rather take into account the features and benefits of the saw as well. That being said, a higher price point may indicate a better built saw with more advanced features, but it’s important to do your research and choose a saw that fits your specific needs and budget.

Another reason to look for price when purchasing a brick table saw is to make sure you’re getting a fair deal. Prices can vary greatly between different models and brands of saws, and you don’t want to overpay for a saw that doesn’t live up to your expectations. By researching different saws and comparing their prices, you’ll be able to make an informed decision and get the best value for your money. Additionally, keep an eye out for sales and promotions, as you may be able to snag a top-quality saw at a competitive price.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best brick table saw, the MK-212-6 takes the top spot. Its powerful performance, precision cuts, and durability as a machine make it a worthwhile investment for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. However, the Husqvarna TS 60 is also a strong contender for those on a tighter budget or looking for a more portable option. With any saw purchase, it is important to consider the necessary features and specifications, such as blade size, motor power, and cutting depth, to ensure that it best fits your needs. With this buying guide and the top two recommendations, you can confidently choose the best brick table saw for your next project.
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