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Top 6 Best Bulk Chainsaw Chain in 2024

Looking for the best bulk chainsaw chain to keep your chainsaw in top performance? Whether you’re a professional logger or just a homeowner who likes to keep your trees nicely trimmed, finding the right chainsaw chain can make all the difference. With so many options on the market, it can be hard to know what to look for. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to help you find the best bulk chainsaw chain for your needs.
When it comes to finding the best bulk chainsaw chain for your needs, it can be overwhelming due to the number of options available. And choosing the wrong one can result in damage to your chainsaw and less efficient tree cutting, costing you time and money.

Furthermore, simply searching for the “best” chainsaw chain can still leave you with a range of choices. Do you need one for professional use, heavy-duty cutting, or occasional DIY projects? What type of wood will you be cutting? What is your budget? These are all important factors to consider when searching for the perfect bulk chainsaw chain.

To ensure you get the best bulk chainsaw chain for your specific needs, research and compare multiple products. Look for chains with durable materials and that are compatible with your chainsaw. Additionally, consider the chain’s teeth design and chain gauge to determine if it will be the right fit for the type of wood you’ll be cutting. Finally, read reviews from other customers with similar needs to yours to make a more informed decision. Taking these steps will help you find the perfect bulk chainsaw chain for efficient and effective wood cutting.

The Best Bulk Chainsaw Chain on the Market Right Now

Looking for the best bulk chainsaw chain? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide details the top options for buying chainsaw chain in bulk, so you can be sure to get the best deal for your needs.

1. Oregon S62T Advancecut Chain

Oregon S62T AdvanceCut Chain

If you’re looking for a reliable and sturdy chainsaw chain for all your tough cutting tasks, the Oregon S62T AdvanceCut Chain is definitely worth checking out. This product is designed to provide you with outstanding performance and durability, making it an excellent choice for demanding jobs.

The Oregon S62T AdvanceCut Chain is a bulk chainsaw chain that features an advanced technology that delivers superior cutting performance. It is compatible with a variety of chainsaw models, including Poulan, Craftsman, and Husqvarna, which makes it incredibly versatile. The chain has a pitch of 3/8 inch, a gauge of 0.050 inch and 62 drive links, which ensures that it can handle any cutting task efficiently.

Unique Features

  • The chain has LubriTec technology that helps to minimize friction and keeps the chain and bar lubricated at all times, which reduces wear and extends the life of the chain.
  • The chain is made from high-quality steel material that can withstand demanding cutting tasks and will not break or dull easily.
  • The chain has a low vibration design that reduces operator fatigue and ensures comfort during use.


  • Excellent performance and durability
  • Compatible with different chainsaw models
  • LubriTec technology reduces wear and extends the life of the chain
  • High-quality steel material for long-lasting use
  • Low vibration design for operator comfort


  • The chain does not come pre-sharpened, and users will need to sharpen it before use.
  • The chain may not fit some chainsaw models with unusual bar and chain configurations.

Overall, the Oregon S62T AdvanceCut Chain is a top-quality chainsaw chain that provides excellent cutting performance and is highly durable. It is ideal for professional and home use and can handle any demanding cutting task. While it may not come pre-sharpened and may not fit some chainsaw models, it is a highly recommended product that will deliver outstanding value for money.

2. Husqvarna 531300439 Chain

Husqvarna 531300439 Chain

The Husqvarna 531300439 Chain is designed for use with several models of Husqvarna chainsaws, and is known for its high-performance and durability. The chain is designed with a low-vibration feature, which ensures that the user experiences less fatigue and strain on their hands and wrists while working. It also makes the chain ideal for use on larger projects where a lot of cutting is involved.

This chain has a pitch of 0.325 inches and is ideal for applications such as felling trees, trimming, and pruning. It is a high-performance chain that is perfect for professionals who need a reliable and long-lasting cutting tool.

Unique Features

– Low vibration: This feature ensures that the user experiences less fatigue and strain on their hands and wrists while working.
– High-performance: The chain is designed to provide reliable and long-lasting cutting performance, making it ideal for professionals who need a reliable cutting tool.
– Durable: The chain is made to last, providing users with many years of reliable use.


– The low-vibration feature makes it easier to use for longer periods without experiencing fatigue or strain.
– The durable design ensures that the chain will last for a long time.
– Its high-performance design makes it a reliable and long-lasting cutting tool.


– It is not compatible with all models of chainsaws, so users should check their chainsaw’s compatibility before purchasing this chain.
– The chain can be difficult to install for some users, especially those who are not familiar with chainsaw maintenance.

3. Stihl 26Rs 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain

Stihl 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain

The Stihl 26RS 81 Rapid Super Chainsaw Chain is a high-performance cutting chain designed for professional and experienced chainsaw users. The chain features a narrow design, allowing it to cut through wood quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the chain includes specially designed cutters that help to reduce vibration during use, leading to a more comfortable experience for the user.

Unique Features

– Narrow design for quick and efficient cutting
– Specially designed cutters to reduce vibration and increase comfort
– Compatible with a wide range of chainsaws


– High-performance cutting for professional and experienced users
– Narrow design improves cutting speed and efficiency
– Reduced vibration leads to a more comfortable user experience


– Not recommended for inexperienced chainsaw users
– Higher price point than some other chainsaw chain options
– Requires regular maintenance to maintain optimal performance

4. Oregon S56 Advancecut Chainsaw Chain

Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain

The Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain is a high-quality product designed to offer superior cutting performance that lasts longer than other chainsaw chains. It is ideal for homeowners, novice chainsaw users, and professionals who are looking for an efficient and reliable chainsaw chain that can handle different cutting tasks with ease.

The Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain features precision cutting teeth that are engineered for fast and smooth cuts, even in difficult cutting conditions like hard or frozen wood. It also comes with a LubriTec oiling system that keeps the chain well-oiled and reduces friction and wear for longer-lasting performance.

Unique Features

– LubriTec oiling system that reduces friction and wear
– Precision cutting teeth for fast and smooth cuts
– Designed to fit most chainsaw models
– Ideal for a wide range of cutting tasks


– Easy to install and use
– Offers excellent cutting performance
– Durable and long-lasting
– Fits most chainsaw models


– May require frequent sharpening with heavy use
– May not fit some older or unusual chainsaw models

Overall, the Oregon S56 AdvanceCut Chainsaw Chain is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a high-quality chainsaw chain that offers superior cutting performance and durability. With its precision cutting teeth, LubriTec oiling system, and compatibility with most chainsaw models, it is a versatile and reliable tool for a wide range of cutting tasks.

5. Makita 3/8″ .050″ Chainsaw Chain

Makita 3/8

The Makita 3/8″ .050″ Chainsaw Chain is a high-quality replacement chain designed for use with Makita chainsaws. It features durable and high-performance materials, ensuring a long-lasting and reliable cutting experience.

– Advanced razor tooth design for increased efficiency and precision cutting
– Low vibration and noise for a comfortable and smooth operating experience
– Chrome-plated cutter teeth for increased resistance to wear and corrosion
– LubriTec technology for reduced friction and improved chain life

– Easy to install and use
– Provides a smooth and fast cutting experience with minimal kickback
– Low maintenance and long-lasting durability
– Compatible with a wide range of Makita chainsaw models

– May not be as suitable for heavy-duty cutting tasks
– Relatively expensive compared to other chainsaw chains on the market

Overall, the Makita 3/8″ .050″ Chainsaw Chain is a great investment for those looking for a sturdy and efficient replacement chain. With its unique features and high-quality materials, it is sure to provide a reliable and long-lasting cutting experience. Although it may not be the best option for heavy-duty cutting tasks, it is still an excellent choice for most other applications.

6. Echo 14″ Chainsaw Chain

Echo 14

Product Overview:
The Echo 14″ Chainsaw Chain is a high-quality chain designed to fit Echo chainsaws with a 14-inch bar. It features a durable construction that can withstand tough cutting jobs and is built to last. With its precision-ground cutters and efficient design, this chain delivers fast and smooth cutting performance. In addition, it is easy to install and maintain, making it a reliable option for both professionals and hobbyists.

Unique Features

– Precision-ground cutters for fast and efficient cutting
– Designed to fit Echo chainsaws with a 14-inch bar
– Durable construction that can withstand tough cutting jobs
– Easy to install and maintain


– Provides fast and smooth cutting performance
– High-quality construction that can withstand tough conditions
– Easy to install and maintain
– Designed to fit Echo chainsaws with a 14-inch bar
– Precision-ground cutters deliver efficient cutting performance


– May not fit other chainsaw brands or bar lengths
– May require frequent sharpening with heavy use
– May be slightly more expensive than other chains in its class.

Buying Guide for Best Bulk Chainsaw Chain

Looking to buy chainsaw chain in bulk? Our buying guide has got you covered! Learn about the different types of chainsaw chain, the important features to consider, and the best brands on the market. Save money and increase productivity by purchasing in bulk with our expert advice.

Chain Pitch

When purchasing a bulk chainsaw chain, it is crucial to consider the chain pitch. The pitch refers to the distance between the drive lugs on the chain, which determines whether the chain will fit your saw’s bar. Mismatched pitch can cause difficulties in operation, can damage the saw, and can cause safety hazards. Thus, when shopping for a bulk chainsaw chain, it is essential to look for the correct pitch size to get the best performance, safety, and durability.

The second reason why you should check the chain pitch is that different chain pitches are designed for different chainsaw sizes and types of use. For instance, 1/4 inches pitch chains are used for small saw chains, while a larger saw uses the 0.404 inches pitch. Therefore, if you choose the wrong chain pitch, it will not only not fit into your saw, but you will also not achieve the desired results as far as the quality of cutting is concerned. Hence, it is vital to check the recommended chain pitch for your chainsaw before purchasing to get the right size and type of chain for your specific saw.


When purchasing a bulk chainsaw chain, it is essential to consider the length of the chain. The length of the chain determines the size of the saw blade it can fit, and choosing the wrong size can cause damage to the chainsaw and affect its performance. It is important to measure the length of the old chain or consult the user manual before purchasing a new chain to ensure that the new chain will fit correctly.

Additionally, the length of the chainsaw chain is crucial for safety when operating a chainsaw. If the chain is too long, it can create kickback, which can be extremely dangerous and cause injury. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the right length of chain to ensure the chainsaw operates safely and efficiently.

Number Of Links

When purchasing a bulk chainsaw chain, it’s crucial to look for the number of links. This information is essential because it determines the compatibility of the chain with your chainsaw’s bar and drive sprocket. A chain with too few or too many links can cause issues with tensioning, fitting, and performance, leading to a risk of damage or injury. Therefore, it’s imperative to match the number of links with the original chain or consult your user manual before buying a new one to ensure a proper fit and safe operation.

Another reason to pay attention to the number of links when purchasing a bulk chainsaw chain is to ensure a balanced cutting performance. Chainsaw chains usually have a specific pitch, which is the distance between drive links. Choosing a chain with the wrong number of links will affect the angle and depth of the teeth’s bite, making the saw cut unevenly and leaving rough edges. Getting a chain that matches the original pitch and number of links is therefore critical to achieving a clean, precise cut and avoiding sawdust and debris buildup.


When purchasing a bulk chainsaw chain, it is crucial to consider Gauge as one of the primary factors. Gauge refers to the thickness of the drive link, and it plays a significant role in determining the cutting performance of the chainsaw. A wider Gauge offers more stability and durability, making it ideal for cutting through tough materials. Therefore, if you want a chain that can handle heavy-duty work without breaking or losing its sharpness quickly, it is essential to look for Chain Gauge when purchasing your bulk chainsaw chain.

Additionally, choosing the correct Gauge for your chainsaw guarantees your safety while using the device. Using a chain with the wrong Gauge can result in kickbacks, which can harm the operator or the nearby people or property. By selecting the right Gauge, the chain moves smoothly without binding or kickbacks, allowing you to work more efficiently and safely. In summary, Gauge has a direct impact on a chain’s cutting performance and user’s safety, making it critical to consider when purchasing a bulk chainsaw chain.

Chain Type

When purchasing a bulk chainsaw chain, it’s crucial to look for the type of chain that would suit your needs. The chain type primarily determines the strength, efficiency, and versatility of the chainsaw. A chain saw chain type refers to the arrangement, pitch, and gauge of the cutter teeth. The right chain type ensures that the blade performs adequately on the materials you intend to cut. Moreover, different chain types have varied resistance to wear and tear, which may affect their lifespan.

With a bulk chainsaw chain purchase, you would want to ensure that you invest in the right product. A wrong chain type would waste your money, cost you time and effort, and negatively impact the quality of the cuts. You would want to consider the nature of the tasks, the engine power of the chainsaw, and the desired cutting environment when choosing the chain type. Opting for a trusted brand and supplier would also assure you of the quality and compatibility of the chain type with your chain saw.


When purchasing bulk chainsaw chain, it is essential to look for quality material. The material used in making the chainsaw chain is significant as it will greatly impact the life and durability of the chain. A high-quality chain will resist wearing down and will cut through wood with ease, providing consistent performance. In summary, buying a chainsaw chain made of high-grade material will save you money in the long run by reducing the need for frequent replacements.

Additionally, the quality of the material will also determine the level of safety during operation. A poorly made chainsaw chain may break under pressure, causing severe injuries or property damage. High-quality materials will improve the chain’s performance and make it safer for use in various types of cutting applications. Therefore, when purchasing chainsaw chains in bulk, it is important to do so from reputable manufacturers who use the best materials.

Compatibility With Chainsaw Brand/Model

When purchasing a bulk chainsaw chain, it is important to look for compatibility with your chainsaw brand and model. Chainsaw chains are designed to fit specific saws, and using the wrong chain can lead to accidents or damage to your chainsaw. You should always check your chainsaw’s owner’s manual or consult with a professional to ensure that the chain you are purchasing is compatible with your chainsaw.

In addition to preventing accidents or damage, using a compatible chainsaw chain can also ensure better performance and longer lifespan for your chainsaw. Chainsaw chains are designed with specific cutting parameters and materials, and using the right chain can provide optimal cutting speed, precision, and durability. Furthermore, using a compatible chain can also save you time and money on maintenance and replacement costs, as it reduces the risk of damaging your chainsaw or needing to purchase a new chain.


Firstly, price is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a bulk chainsaw chain as it determines the amount of money you will spend on the product. By shopping around for prices, you will be able to compare prices and find the most affordable offer that fits your budget. This will enable you to save money in the long run, especially if you require multiple chainsaw chains.

Secondly, the price of the chainsaw chain can be an indicator of the quality of the product. Although buying the cheapest option may seem like the best decision, it can have long-term consequences; a low-quality chainsaw chain will wear out easily, and you will have to replace it frequently, which can be more expensive. Therefore, finding a reasonably priced chainsaw chain that is of good quality can lead to a more cost-effective purchase in the long run.


What chainsaw chain do professionals use?

Professionals typically use a full-chisel chain as it is more efficient and cuts faster, making it perfect for heavy-duty tasks. However, the type of chain used may vary depending on the job and personal preference of the professional.

What is the toughest chainsaw chain?

The toughest chainsaw chain is typically made of patented steel alloys and features aggressive cutting teeth designed for high-performance and durability. Some popular brands known for producing tough chainsaw chains include Oregon, Stihl, and Husqvarna. The specific toughness of a chain may vary based on the application and intended use, so it’s important to choose the appropriate chain for your needs.

What type of chainsaw chain cuts the fastest?

The type of chainsaw chain that cuts the fastest is a full chisel chain.

Final Words

In conclusion, investing in the best bulk chainsaw chain is crucial for woodcutting and sawing performance. After reviewing various products and analyzing the different features, Oregon S62T AdvanceCut Chain stands out as the top product, providing exceptional cutting precision and durability. However, the Husqvarna 531300439 Chain is a close runner-up and shares many quality features. By following the buying guide, you’ll find the perfect bulk chainsaw chain for your needs and receive a reliable, efficient product that will last you for many woodcutting jobs to come.
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