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5 Best Chainsaw For Oak Trees Ranked in 2024

If you need to cut down oak trees, you need a chainsaw that can handle the task. Finding the best chainsaw for oak trees, however, can be a challenge. With so many options on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. But fear not – we have done the research for you and compiled a list of the top chainsaws for cutting oak trees. So, whether you’re a professional lumberjack or a casual homeowner, read on to discover the best options for tackling oak trees with ease.
When it comes to cutting oak trees, it can be challenging to find the right chainsaw that can handle the job. Many chainsaws aren’t strong enough to handle the tough wood of an oak tree, and they can quickly wear out or even break while trying to cut through. This can be frustrating for homeowners who want to maintain their oak trees but don’t have the right tools for the job.

If you’re using a chainsaw that’s not strong enough to handle oak trees, you’ll find yourself spending more time and effort than necessary. This can be not only frustrating but also dangerous. A chainsaw that easily gets stuck in an oak tree can cause severe accidents, risking the safety of the operator. You will need a chainsaw that can deliver the required power and torque to cut through the tough wood with ease.

The key to finding the best chainsaw for oak trees is to look for one with a robust and powerful motor. A good chainsaw designed for oak will have a motor powerful enough to cut through the dense wood without getting stuck. Additionally, it should be equipped with a large bar and chain, giving you greater control and allowing you to cut through the tree efficiently. Look for a chainsaw that is built for heavy-duty usage and is comfortable to handle as oak trees require time and hard work to cut. Choose a chainsaw with a great reputation for reliability and stability, and your cutting job will be made much more comfortable and well executed.

The Best Chainsaw For Oak Trees on the Market Right Now

Looking for the best chainsaw for oak trees? Check out our top recommendations for powerful and durable chainsaws that can handle the challenge of cutting through thick, hardwood oak trees.

1. Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Husqvarna 460 Rancher

Oak trees are some of the toughest trees to cut, requiring a chainsaw with exceptional power and durability. The Husqvarna 460 Rancher is the perfect tool for the job, providing impressive cutting performance and handling even the largest of oak trees with ease.

The 460 Rancher has a powerful 60.3cc engine, producing 3.62 horsepower and a maximum speed of 9,000 RPM. It also has a 20″ bar and chain, allowing for effective cutting even on thick trunks. The chainsaw’s ergonomic design and low vibration technology make it comfortable to use for extended periods of time.

Unique Features

  • Air Injection technology to reduce wear and extend the chainsaw’s lifespan.
  • Smart Start technology for easy starting, reducing strain on the user.
  • Quick-release air filter for easy maintenance and cleaning.
  • Adjustable oil pump for proper lubrication and reduced oil consumption.
  • LowVib system to minimize vibration and reduce fatigue on the user’s arms and hands.


  • Powerful engine for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Durable construction for long-term use.
  • Ergonomic design for comfort during extended use.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning with quick-release air filter.
  • Low vibration system to reduce user fatigue.


  • Higher price point compared to other chainsaws.
  • Heavier weight may be a concern for some users.
  • No anti-vibration handle, which may affect comfort during long use periods.

2. Echo Cs-590 Timber Wolf

Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf

The Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf is an exceptional chainsaw designed to carry out tough tasks easily. This chainsaw comes equipped with some outstanding features that enable it to deliver exceptional performance. With powerful engines and razor-sharp blades, the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf is one of the most reliable and efficient chainsaws on the market.

Unique Features

– The 59.8 cc professional-grade engine is powerful and reliable.
– The decompression valve helps reduce the pulling force for a quick and smooth start
– The 20-inch chainsaw bar is solid and serrated for optimal performance
– The G-Force Engine Air Pre-Cleanerâ„¢ ensures a longer filter life
– Dual-post chain brake system for safety and easy maintenance
– Automatic oiling system for convenient lubrication
– Inertia chain braking for smooth operation


– Powerful engine for exceptional performance
– Durable and sturdy design
– Comes with a five-year warranty
– Easy to start and maintain
– Comfortable handle with anti-vibration technology for less fatigue during extended use


– The chainsaw is noisy
– The bar could be longer for larger trees
– May be a bit heavy for some users

In conclusion, the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf is a highly efficient chainsaw designed for both professional and outdoor enthusiasts. It is an exceptional tool that can handle any task you throw at it, and with the array of features and benefits it possesses, it is one of the best chainsaws you can own.

3. Makita Ea6100Prgg 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw

Makita EA6100PRGG 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw

The Makita EA6100PRGG 18 Inch Gas Chainsaw is a powerful and versatile tool designed for professional use. With a high-performance 61cc engine, the chainsaw is capable of delivering fast and smooth cutting performance on a wide range of materials, including wood, plastics, and metals. The chainsaw features advanced vibration dampening technology and an ergonomic design that minimizes fatigue and increases control, making it ideal for extended use.

Unique Features

  • Easy start system for quick and hassle-free starting
  • Tool-less chain adjustment for easy and efficient maintenance
  • Fuel-efficient engine that reduces emissions and saves money
  • Advanced vibration dampening technology that reduces operator fatigue and increases comfort
  • Ergonomic design that provides excellent control and balance


  • Powerful engine that delivers fast and smooth cutting performance
  • Easy start system that simplifies the starting process
  • Advanced vibration dampening technology that reduces fatigue and increases comfort
  • Ergonomic design that provides excellent control and balance
  • High-quality construction for long-lasting durability


  • Expensive compared to some other models
  • Relatively heavy compared to some other models
  • Loud and noisy during operation

4. Jonsered Cs2255

Jonsered CS2255

The Jonsered CS2255 is a professional-grade chainsaw that is perfect for homeowners, farmers, and tree care professionals. It boasts a powerful 55.5cc engine, a durable design, and advanced features that make it easy to use.

Unique Features

  • Anti-vibration system to reduce user fatigue
  • Smart Start system for easy starting
  • Quick-release air filter for easy maintenance
  • X-Torq engine for increased power and fuel efficiency
  • Adjustable oil pump for better chain lubrication


  • Powerful and reliable engine
  • Durable and lightweight design
  • Comfortable to use with anti-vibration system
  • Easy to start with Smart Start system
  • Efficient fuel consumption with X-Torq engine


  • Expensive compared to other models
  • May be too powerful for occasional use
  • Requires proper maintenance to ensure longevity
  • Heavy for extended use

5. Greenworks Pro Gcs80420 80V Chainsaw

Greenworks PRO GCS80420 80V Chainsaw

The Greenworks PRO GCS80420 80V Chainsaw is an excellent option for those who are looking for a powerful and reliable cordless chainsaw. It is powered by an 80V lithium-ion battery that provides up to 150 cuts on a single charge, making it perfect for both heavy-duty and light-duty tasks. The chainsaw has a 18-inch bar and chain, which can easily cut through thick branches and trees. The brushless motor ensures that the chainsaw operates quietly, smoothly, and with less vibration than a gas-powered chainsaw. In addition, the tool-less chain tensioning system allows for easy adjustments on the go.

Unique Features

  • 80V lithium-ion battery
  • Up to 150 cuts on a single charge
  • 18-inch bar and chain
  • Brushless motor for quiet operation
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system


  • Cordless design provides flexibility and convenience
  • Powerful and reliable performance
  • Brushless motor operates quietly and with less vibration
  • Tool-less chain tensioning system allows for easy adjustments
  • No need for gasoline or oil, making it more eco-friendly


  • 80V battery is relatively heavy and may cause fatigue over prolonged use
  • Chainsaw may struggle with larger trees or logs
  • More expensive compared to other cordless chainsaws on the market

Buying Guide for Best Chainsaw For Oak Trees

Looking to buy a chainsaw for oak trees? Our buying guide has got you covered. Find everything you need to know about choosing the best chainsaw for your needs and make cutting through tough oak wood a breeze.

Powerful Engine

Oak trees have dense and hard wood which requires a lot of power to cut through. Thus, when purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees, it is essential to look for a powerful engine. A powerful engine will allow the chainsaw to cut through the wood with ease and without putting extra pressure on the operator, leading to a faster and more efficient cutting experience. Additionally, a powerful engine will also reduce the risk of the chainsaw getting stuck in the wood, leading to a safer cutting experience.

Moreover, a powerful engine also enables the chainsaw to have a longer bar length, which is crucial when cutting through thick and tall oak trees. A longer bar length means that the chainsaw can cut larger pieces of wood in a single pass, leading to a smoother and more precise cut. In summary, purchasing a chainsaw with a powerful engine will not only make cutting through oak trees more efficient and safer but also allow for a longer bar length, resulting in a better cutting experience.

Long Guide Bar Length

When purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees, it is crucial to look for a long guide bar length for multiple reasons. The first and foremost being that oak trees are among the toughest and thickest hardwoods, and therefore require a more extended guide bar to cut through them easily. A long guide bar typically ranges from 18 inches to 24 inches, and it provides the necessary reach and precision to cut through oak trees smoothly, without having to pause or crouch repeatedly.

Secondly, the length of the guide bar also determines the size of the saw, and a longer guide bar signifies a more massive chainsaw, which further enhances its cutting power. This is incredibly vital when dealing with oak trees since they have a dense wood grain, and a more massive chainsaw with a long guide bar can tackle it equally, making sure that the woodcutting process is quick and efficient. Therefore, when purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees, it is essential to choose the one with a long guide bar to ensure optimal cutting precision and power.

Automatic Oiler System

When purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees, it’s crucial to look for an automatic oiler system. Oak trees are dense and require a considerable amount of cutting power. If a chainsaw’s oiler system fails, the chainsaw’s chain can quickly become blunt or even damaged, making it difficult to cut through such a dense tree. An automatic oiler system ensures that the chain stays lubricated without the user having to manually apply oil after every few cuts, which saves time and effort while allowing the chainsaw to cut smoothly and efficiently through the oak tree.

Furthermore, an automatic oiler system helps to prolong the lifespan of the chainsaw. Without lubrication, the chain can wear out rapidly, jeopardizing the chainsaw’s overall lifespan. Therefore, a stable and reliable oiling system is necessary to keep the chainsaw in good working condition. With an automatic oiler system, the chainsaw’s chain stays lubricated, reducing friction and wear, extending the tool’s lifespan, and ensuring good performance over an extended period, making it an excellent investment for those looking to maintain their chainsaw over a long time.

Anti-Vibration Feature

When searching for a chainsaw to use on oak trees, it is highly recommended to consider anti-vibration features. Oak trees are notoriously dense and tough, requiring a powerful chainsaw to effectively cut through them. Without anti-vibration, the excessive vibrations from the chainsaw can cause fatigue, pain, and even long-term injuries, especially on the hands, arms, and shoulders. Anti-vibration features, such as rubber handles, dampening systems, and adjustable suspension, help to minimize these vibrations and provide a much smoother cutting experience. This can greatly reduce the risks of injury, improve comfort, and make it easier to cut through tough oak trees with better control and precision.

Furthermore, anti-vibration features can also help to prolong the life of the chainsaw. Oak trees often contain rocks, knots, and other obstacles that can cause the chainsaw’s chain to become damaged or dull more quickly. The additional vibrations from the chainsaw can further speed up this process or cause other internal parts to loosen and wear out faster. An anti-vibration system helps to lessen this wear and tear, protecting your chainsaw from premature damage and ensuring that it remains in good working condition for many years to come. By investing in a chainsaw with anti-vibration features, you can work more efficiently and effectively, without risk of harm or breakdown.

Easy To Maneuver

When purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees, you should seek out a model that is easy to maneuver. Oak trees are often large and sturdy, requiring a chainsaw that can handle the job. If the chainsaw is difficult to handle or control, it can be dangerous and may cause injury. With a maneuverable chainsaw, you can easily navigate around obstacles and make precise cuts, which can be essential when dealing with a thick trunk or branches. The ease of maneuverability also means less effort on your part, which is beneficial, especially if you have a lot of work to do.

Easy maneuverability is also important when dealing with oak trees because of their size and density. Most oak trees have a hard and fibrous wood, which can be difficult to cut through. With an easy to maneuver chainsaw, you can ensure you make a precise cut to avoid tearing or splitting the wood. Additionally, oak trees often have branches that are high up, and getting to them can be challenging. With a chainsaw that’s easy to maneuver, you can reach the high branches and cut them down without exerting too much effort or losing your balance.

Safety Features

Looking for safety features when purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees is crucial to prevent accidents and injuries. Oak trees are sturdy and can be difficult to cut through, making a chainsaw a necessary tool for the job. However, the power of the chainsaw can be dangerous, especially if it lacks safety features. Features such as a chain brake system, anti-vibration handles, and automatic oiling can help reduce the risk of accidents and provide a safer working environment.

Having a chainsaw with safety features when cutting oak trees can also ensure that the job is done more efficiently. With anti-vibration handles, users can maintain a firmer grip on the chainsaw, allowing for better control and precision during cutting. The automatic oiling system also helps keep the chain lubricated for smoother operation, allowing the user to make cuts more effortlessly. Ultimately, it is essential to consider safety features when purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees to prevent accidents and injuries and ensure a more effective job performance.

Brand Reputation

When purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees, it is crucial to consider the brand reputation of the product. Good brand reputation comes with a confidence that the product will deliver positive results in terms of performance, reliability, durability, and safety. A brand with a strong reputation for chainsaws will often have a long-standing track record of producing quality products that are designed for specific purposes, like oak tree cutting, and a high level of customer satisfaction. On the other hand, a brand with a poor reputation in the market may not have the required technical knowledge to manufacture chainsaws that are particular to oak trees, and their products may not last long or may put the user in danger.

A reputable brand for oak tree chainsaws also offers a sense of trust in the reliability and durability of the product. Such brands strive to provide the best chainsaws that can handle the tough demands of cutting oak trees without causing unnecessary stress or fatigue to the user. They also take into account the user’s safety in the design and construction of the chainsaw, and they offer well-supported warranty and after-sales services. When choosing a chainsaw for oak trees, it is always essential to consider the brand reputation to ensure that you get the best quality product that offers excellent performance, reliability, and safety.


When purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees, it is important to consider the price. Oak trees are known for their hard, dense wood which requires a powerful chainsaw with a strong blade. However, these types of chainsaws can be expensive. By looking for a chainsaw that is priced reasonably, you can ensure that you are not overspending without sacrificing the quality you need for the job.

Additionally, by comparing the prices of different chainsaws, you can find one that fits your budget without compromising on safety features or durability. Remember that a chainsaw is a long-term investment and you want to make sure that you choose one that will last for years to come. By balancing your need for power with your budgetary constraints, you can find a chainsaw that meets your needs without putting too much strain on your wallet. So, when purchasing a chainsaw for oak trees, remember to consider the price to get the best value for your investment.


In conclusion, selecting the best chainsaw for oak trees can be a daunting task for most people. However, the Husqvarna 460 Rancher and Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf are the two leading products on the market that stand out for their durability, power and performance. Even though the Husqvarna 460 Rancher ranks as the top product, the Echo CS-590 Timber Wolf still provides excellent value for your money. Ultimately, choosing the right chainsaw for your oak trees depends on your personal preferences, budget and needs. We hope that this buying guide will help you make an informed decision when purchasing the best chainsaw for oak trees that will cater to all your needs.
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