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Best Chainsaw For Tree Trimming Top 5 Ranked [2024]

When it comes to tree trimming, having the right equipment can make all the difference. One of the most important tools in your arsenal is a chainsaw. But with so many options on the market, how do you know which one to choose? In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the best chainsaws for tree trimming and what features you should be looking for when making your selection.
If you are in the market for a chainsaw for tree trimming, finding the best one can be a daunting task. With so many options available, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and end up with a chainsaw that doesn’t meet your needs.

Not all chainsaws are created equal, and choosing the wrong one can result in an inefficient and frustrating experience. Having a chainsaw that is too heavy or too underpowered can make tree trimming a risky and unsatisfying task.

To find the best chainsaw for tree trimming, it’s important to consider the weight, power, and overall usability of the tool. Look for a chainsaw that is designed to be easy to maneuver, has adequate power for the job, and is backed by reliable warranty and customer service. With careful consideration and research, you can find the perfect chainsaw to tackle your tree trimming needs.

The Best Chainsaw For Tree Trimming on the Market Right Now

Discover the top-rated chainsaw for effective and efficient tree trimming. Check out our comprehensive guide to choose the best chainsaw for your tree trimming needs.

1. Husqvarna T435

Husqvarna T435

Husqvarna T435 is the perfect chainsaw for those who want to do tree trimming with ease. This chainsaw has been built for professional arborists, gardeners, and tree care experts for mainly limb, branch, and small tree cleanups. Husqvarna has designed this chainsaw with low noise, low vibration, and high power to weight ratio to make trimming trees as effortless as a walk in the park.

The Husqvarna T435 is an excellent choice for tree trimming because of its compact size and durability. The saw has a 12-inch bar and chain, which makes it easier to maneuver in tight spaces and climb trees safely. It weighs only 7.5 pounds, which reduces operator fatigue and minimizes the risk of accidents. Additionally, this saw is designed with an ergonomic handle and anti-vibration technology, which significantly reduces hand fatigue and makes it easier to work for extended periods with minimal breaks.

The Husqvarna T435 is a gas-powered chainsaw with a 35.2cc X-Torq engine that generates 2.01 horsepower. This engine design ensures that the chainsaw consumes less fuel and emits less exhaust fumes into the environment. It also features an adjustable oil pump, which controls the chain lubrication rate for better cutting performance and chain life.

The chainsaw comes with an easy-to-access air filter, which can be cleaned with minimal effort. The saw’s centrifugal air cleaning system removes dust and larger particles before reaching the air filter to extend engine life further. The saw’s Smart Start technology reduces the resistance in the starter cord by 40%, making it easier to start the saw.

Unique Features

– Low noise level for comfortable work
– Adjustable oil pump for better cutting performance and chain life
– Lower fuel consumption and reduced emission levels
– Ergonomic handle for reduced operator fatigue
– Anti-vibration technology for comfortable use
– Smart Start technology for easier starting
– Air Injection for maximized air cleaning


– Lightweight and easy to maneuver
– High power-to-weight ratio
– Easy to start
– Reduced operator fatigue
– Low noise and vibration levels
– Low fuel consumption and emission levels


– May not be efficient for heavy-duty tasks
– Chain oil leaks when stored for extended periods
– Requires a fuel stabilizer to maintain performance

In conclusion, if you are a gardener, arborist or tree care expert who needs a reliable, lightweight, and compact chainsaw, the Husqvarna T435 is the best option in the market. Its unique features, such as low noise, vibration, smart start technology, and air injection, make the saw stand out from the rest. Moreover, the Husqvarna T435 has several pros, including its high power-to-weight ratio, easy maneuverability, and low fatigue use. However, the chainsaw may not be the best option for heavy-duty tasks, and it may leak the chain oil when stored for extended periods. Regardless, the Husqvarna T435 remains an invaluable tool for tree trimming enthusiasts.

2. Echo Cs-271T

Echo CS-271T

The Echo CS-271T is a professional-grade gas chainsaw suitable for various cutting applications. It features a powerful 26.9 cc engine that delivers sufficient power to handle tough cutting jobs effortlessly. The saw also features a lightweight construction, making it easy to maneuver and operate.

Its compact design allows you to use it comfortably and safely in tight spaces, making it a favorite among professionals for trimming and pruning tasks. The chainsaw has an ergonomic handle that provides a secure grip and reduces the risk of hand fatigue.

The Echo CS-271T comes with several safety features like an anti-vibration system that reduces operator fatigue and prevents user injury. The chainsaw also features a chain brake that stops the chain instantly in case of kickback or other incidents.

Unique Features

– The saw features an adjustable oiler that allows you to control the flow of oil to match the cutting conditions.
– Comes with an automatic oiling system that lubricates the chain and bar consistently for longer life.
– The air filter is easily accessible for maintenance, reducing downtime.
– The chainsaw has a digital ignition system that ensures easy starts every time.


– Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use, transport and store
– Powerful engine for efficient cutting
– Offers excellent performance and suitable for use in various cutting applications
– Safety features make it safe to use even for beginners


– May be challenging to start, especially when cold
– Some users mention that the chain tends to loosen frequently, requiring frequent adjustments
– It can be quite noisy when in use.

In conclusion, if you are in the market for a professional-grade gas chainsaw that offers excellent performance, safety, and efficiency, the Echo CS-271T is an excellent option to consider. With its powerful engine, lightweight design, and safety features, you can be sure of getting a reliable tool that will handle any cutting job you have.

3. Makita Uc3551A

Makita UC3551A

The Makita UC3551A is a powerful electric chainsaw designed to handle tough cutting jobs with ease. This saw has a 14-inch guide bar and chain that can cut through wood with a diameter of up to 10 inches, making it perfect for pruning trees, cutting firewood, or felling small trees.

Unique Features

– Automatic oiling system: This chainsaw features an automatic oiling system that keeps the chain lubricated for smooth, efficient cutting.
– Tool-less chain adjustments: You can easily adjust the chain tension or replace the chain without any tools, saving you time and effort.
– Built-in current limiter: The built-in current limiter helps protect the motor from burnout during heavy use, extending the saw’s lifespan.
– Ergonomic rubberized grip: The handle is covered in rubber to provide a comfortable, secure grip, even when wearing gloves.


– Powerful motor: With a 15-amp motor, this saw can handle even the toughest cutting jobs.
– Lightweight design: Weighing only 10.6 pounds, this chainsaw is easy to maneuver and reduces operator fatigue.
– Quiet operation: Unlike gas-powered models, this electric chainsaw operates quietly, making it ideal for use in residential areas.


– Corded design: This saw requires a power outlet, limiting your range of motion compared to cordless models.
– Limited cutting capacity: While this chainsaw can tackle most small to medium-sized jobs, it may struggle with larger trees or logs.

4. Echo Cs-355T

Echo CS-355T

The Echo CS-355T is an excellent chainsaw for those looking for a powerful and lightweight machine. With a 35.8cc two-stroke engine, it can handle a wide range of cutting tasks, making it suitable for homeowners, farmers, and professionals.

Despite its power, the Echo CS-355T is also lightweight, weighing in at just 8.4 pounds. That makes it easy to handle, even when working at height or in tight spaces. It also has an ergonomic handle design, making it comfortable to hold for extended periods.

Unique Features

– Comes with a G-Force engine air pre-cleaner, which maximizes airflow and reduces engine wear.
– Has a side-access chain tensioner, making it easy to adjust the chain tension without needing tools.
– Features an automatic oiler system, which keeps the chain lubricated for smooth operation.
– Comes with a dual-post chain brake system, which reduces the risk of injury in case of kickback.


– Powerful engine: The 35.8cc engine can handle tough cutting tasks.
– Lightweight design: Weighing in at just 8.4 pounds, it is easy to handle and maneuver.
– Easy to adjust chain tension: The side-access chain tensioner makes it easy to keep the chain at the right tension, without needing tools.
– Comes with a two-year warranty.


– Can be noisy: Like most gas-powered chainsaws, the Echo CS-355T can be quite noisy, which may be a concern if you’re working in a residential area.
– Chain can loosen: Some users have complained that the chain on this chainsaw can loosen quickly, which may require frequent adjustment.

5. Makita Uc4051A

Makita UC4051A

If you need a powerful and efficient chainsaw for your yard work, look no further than the Makita UC4051A Electric Chain Saw. With its 16-inch bar and chain, this saw cuts quickly and efficiently through a variety of materials, including thick logs and branches. The saw is also designed with user safety in mind, with an automatic shut-off feature that activates when the saw is over-taxed or stuck.

Unique Features

– Tool-less blade and chain adjustments make maintenance and upkeep much easier and more convenient.
– An ergonomic design ensures that the saw is comfortable and easy to use, even for extended periods of time.
– A large trigger switch makes starting and stopping the saw simple and straightforward.
– The built-in current limiter system prevents damage to the saw motor during prolonged use and over-taxation.


– The UC4051A is a powerful and reliable tool that can make short work of most yard work tasks.
– The saw’s user safety features, including the automatic shut-off and electric brake, help minimize the risk of injury during use.
– With an oil reservoir that can hold up to 13.5 ounces, the saw requires less frequent refills and runs more efficiently.
– The saw’s overall design, including the rubberized grip and adjustable handle position, help make it a comfortable and effective tool for users of all skill levels.


– While the UC4051A is certainly powerful, it can be heavier and more cumbersome than other electric chainsaws on the market.
– The saw’s current limiter system may cause the motor to overheat and shut off during prolonged use, which can be frustrating and disruptive.
– Some users may find the saw’s price point to be higher than comparable models, although the added safety features and durability of the Makita saw may be worth the added cost.

Overall, the Makita UC4051A Electric Chain Saw is a top-of-the-line tool that combines impressive power and efficiency with unparalleled safety features and user comfort. While it may not be the most affordable option on the market, it is certainly one of the most reliable and effective choices for those looking to tackle yard work with ease.

Buying Guide for Best Chainsaw For Tree Trimming

Discover the best chainsaw for tree trimming with our comprehensive buying guide. Find the perfect tool to tackle tough branches and overgrown trees with ease. We provide expert reviews and advice to help you make an informed purchase decision. Shop smarter and avoid costly mistakes by reading our guide today.

Bar Length

When purchasing a chainsaw for tree trimming, it is essential to look for the bar length. Bar length refers to the length of the cutting blade on the chainsaw. The longer the bar length, the bigger the trees the chainsaw can handle. Therefore, if you plan to trim large trees, look for a chainsaw with a long bar length, such as 16-20 inches. If you plan to trim smaller trees or bushes, look for a chainsaw with a shorter bar length, such as 10-14 inches. By choosing the right bar length for your needs, you can ensure that you have a chainsaw that is capable of handling the size of tree you need to trim.

Another reason to look for bar length when purchasing a chainsaw for tree trimming is safety. If you select a chainsaw with a bar that is too long for the trees you plan to trim, it can be dangerous. A long bar length can make the chainsaw heavier and more unwieldy, which can increase the risk of accidents. In addition, if you use a chainsaw with a long bar length to cut small trees or bushes, the chain can kick back and cause injury. Therefore, it is essential to choose a chainsaw with an appropriate bar length to ensure that you can safely trim your trees.


When purchasing a chainsaw for tree trimming, it is crucial to look for power. The more power a chainsaw has, the easier and faster it can cut through thick branches and logs. A powerful chainsaw enables you to work efficiently and complete your tasks in less time, reducing your workload considerably. Moreover, a powerful chainsaw also ensures accuracy, allowing you to cut through tree limbs with precision and without damaging the tree. Power is, therefore, an essential factor to consider when purchasing a chainsaw for tree trimming.

Additionally, a powerful chainsaw is also necessary when dealing with larger and older trees. Older trees have thicker branches and trunks, and without a powerful chainsaw, it can take hours to cut them down. When purchasing a chainsaw for tree trimming, consider the size of trees that you will be dealing with to ensure that you select a chainsaw that will provide you with adequate power to complete your work. Ultimately, power is an essential feature to look for when it comes to purchasing a chainsaw for tree trimming, as it will enable you to work more efficiently and handle larger trees.


When purchasing a chainsaw for tree trimming, it is important to consider its weight as it can significantly affect how comfortable and easy it is to use. A lighter chainsaw will be easier to maneuver and control, reducing the risk of fatigue and muscle strain during prolonged use. Additionally, it can be safer to use as it allows for faster reaction times in case of accidental kickbacks or other unexpected situations.

On the other hand, a heavier chainsaw can have more power and cutting capacity, making it suitable for larger or tougher branches. However, it can also be more difficult to handle and may require more effort to operate. Overall, it is important to find the right balance between weight and power based on the user’s individual needs and preferences to ensure a safe and efficient experience when trimming trees with a chainsaw.

Safety Features

When purchasing a chainsaw for tree trimming, safety features are of utmost importance. These features ensure that the user is safe during operation and reduce the risk of accidents. One important safety feature is the anti-vibration system which reduces the strain on the hands and arms, preventing injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome. Additionally, a chain brake is also necessary as it automatically stops the chainsaw from moving when the operator’s hand is taken off the handle. Other important safety features include a throttle interlock, kickback protection, and a safety switch. It is vital to look for a chainsaw with these features to ensure safe, efficient and successful tree trimming.

In conclusion, safety features are a crucial consideration when buying a chainsaw for tree trimming. The risks of injury and accidents can be minimized by proper selection of a chainsaw with a good set of safety features. Chainsaw accidents can cause severe injuries or even fatal, so it is best to prioritize safety when making a purchase. By choosing a chainsaw with adequate safety features, the task of tree trimming becomes safer and less stressful.

Ease Of Use

When purchasing a chainsaw for tree trimming, ease of use should be a top priority. Handling a chainsaw can be dangerous, especially when you are not experienced, so a user-friendly chainsaw can help the user avoid accidents. An easy-to-use chainsaw should have features like intuitive controls, ergonomic handles, and a clear chain oil reservoir. These features can help the user handle the chainsaw with ease, without putting excessive strain on the hands and arms, which can lead to fatigue and decrease accuracy. Additionally, an easy-to-use chainsaw makes trimming trees a more efficient and enjoyable experience, allowing the user to focus on the task at hand rather than struggling with the machine.

Another important reason to look for ease of use when purchasing a chainsaw for tree trimming is maintenance. A chainsaw requires regular maintenance, such as cleaning and chain sharpening, to function correctly. An easy-to-use chainsaw should have features that make maintenance as simple as possible. For instance, a chainsaw with an automatic oiling system can make it easy to keep the chain lubricated, reducing the possibility of wear and tear. Similarly, a chainsaw with tool-free chain tensioning can make it simple to adjust the chain’s tension to ensure it is working correctly. Overall, An easy-to-use chainsaw is not only more pleasant to use but also more practical, and ensures a long-lasting machine with minimal breakdown.


What is the best size chainsaw for cutting firewood?

The best size chainsaw for cutting firewood is typically between 16-20 inches in blade length.

What type of chainsaw do loggers use?

Loggers typically use professional-grade chainsaws with longer bars and heavier-duty chains for cutting through thick logs and trees. Examples of brands preferred by loggers include Stihl, Husqvarna, and Echo.


In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the best chainsaw for tree trimming, both the Husqvarna T435 and the Echo CS-271T are excellent options to consider. While the Husqvarna boasts superior power and cutting performance, the Echo is more lightweight and portable, making it a great alternative for those looking for a more manageable tool. Whichever of these two chainsaws you choose, ensure you follow the buying guide outlined in this article to make a wise investment that will serve you well for years to come.

Ultimately, investing in the best chainsaw for tree trimming is critical to achieving the best results for your yard or garden. As a homeowner, you should prioritize choosing a chainsaw that aligns with your needs, budget, and experience when it comes to using such tools. With the right guidance and knowledge at your disposal, you are sure to make a sound decision that will increase the efficiency and safety of your tree trimming tasks.
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