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Best Chainsaw Winch Top 5 Ranked [2024]

A best chainsaw winch is an efficient tool that can help you pull heavy objects with minimal effort. Designed to work with a chainsaw, this device can handle a wide range of pulling tasks, from removing trees and stumps to hauling heavy loads. If you’re looking for the best chainsaw winch for your needs, there are several factors to consider, such as the weight capacity, cable length, and ease of use. In this article, we’ll help you find the right chainsaw winch for your needs by reviewing some of the top models on the market.
When it comes to cutting down trees or moving large logs, it can be quite challenging without the right equipment. Traditional methods involving manual labor can be inefficient, time-consuming, and even dangerous.

Fortunately, chainsaw winches can help make the process much more manageable. However, not all chainsaw winches are created equal. Choosing the wrong one can lead to frustration and wasted time. It is essential to find the best chainsaw winch for your needs.

To ensure you get the best chainsaw winch, consider factors such as the weight capacity, cable length, and ease of use. Also, read reviews and do research on different brands and models. By doing so, you can find a chainsaw winch that is safe, efficient, and reliable, making your tree cutting and log moving tasks much easier to accomplish.

The Best Chainsaw Winch on the Market Right Now

Looking for the best chainsaw winch? Check out our top recommendations for powerful and efficient tools to handle all your heavy-duty hauling needs!

1. Portable Winch Pcw5000

Portable Winch PCW5000

Portable Winch PCW5000 is known for exceptional performance, having the capacity to haul heavy objects with incredible ease. When it comes to compact and highly portable winches, the PCW5000 stands out as the best, thanks to its outstanding features, durability, and flexibility.

The Portable Winch PCW5000 is a gasoline-powered winch that produces over 5 horsepower, making it highly efficient in hauling heavy logs or other substantial objects easily, quickly and without much effort. The winch is also easy to set up and use, with several accessories that make it highly flexible and functional.

Unique Features

  • Has the ability to pull up to 5,000 pounds with relative ease.
  • A highly portable and compact winch, which makes it easy to carry around.
  • Comes with a 2-year warranty, ensuring that clients are well covered against any malfunctions.
  • Has a long lifespan, thanks to the high-quality materials that are used to make it.
  • Designed with a specific method of operation that boosts its efficiency and minimizes power usage.
  • Comes with a range of accessories that improves its functionality and flexibility.


  • Compact and well built, making it highly portable.
  • Powerful and highly efficient, making it easy to haul heavy logs or other heavy objects.
  • High-quality construction guarantees its longevity.
  • Easy to set up and use, thanks to the range of accessories that come with it.
  • Perfect for diverse winching projects, such as pulling small logs, towing boats or vehicles and so much more.


  • Expensive, especially for those who only need it once in a while.
  • Requires gasoline, which may not be eco-friendly for some users.

In conclusion, the Portable Winch PCW5000 is an outstanding winch that is perfect for hauling heavy logs, towing vehicles, and a wide range of other winching projects. Although it’s relatively expensive and reliant on gasoline, it’s still the best chainsaw winch you can get because of its robust construction, high-quality materials, and powerful engine. Its compact design and range of accessories make it easy to set up and use, making it a reliable winch that will serve you for years to come.

2. Warn 885000 Corded Pullzall

Warn 885000 Corded PullzAll

The Warn 885000 Corded PullzAll is a versatile and efficient tool designed for heavy-duty tasks. This handheld electric winch features a robust motor that delivers up to 1,000 pounds of pulling force, making it ideal for lifting, pulling, and holding heavy objects. It comes with a 15-foot long 120V AC power cord and a handheld remote control that allows effortless operation from a safe distance.

Unique Features

– High pulling capacity: The Warn 885000 Corded PullzAll can pull up to 1,000 pounds of weight, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

– Durable construction: This electric winch features a tough and robust build quality that ensures reliable performance even in harsh conditions.

– Portable Design: The PullzAll is compact and lightweight, making it easy to move around and transport to different job sites.


– Easy to operate: The handheld remote control allows for effortless operation, making it simple to use even for beginners.

– Versatile: With its high pulling capacity and compact design, the PullzAll is suitable for a wide range of applications, including construction, farming, and maintenance.

– Efficient: The powerful motor ensures swift and efficient performance, saving time and effort.


– Corded operation: The PullzAll operates only with a corded power supply, which may limit its range of movement in some applications.

– Price: The PullzAll is relatively expensive compared to other electric winches, which may be a deterrent for some buyers.

In conclusion, the Warn 885000 Corded PullzAll is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a durable, versatile, and efficient electric winch. Despite its high price tag and corded operation, its robust build quality, high pulling capacity, and easy-to-use features make it a worthwhile investment for heavy-duty tasks.

3. Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45

Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45

The Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 is a reliable and powerful winch that is ideal for off-road enthusiasts who want to take on tough terrains with confidence. This winch has a pull rating of 4,500 pounds, making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

One of the standout features of this winch is its durable construction. It comes with a sealed motor, heavy-duty solenoid, and a waterproof design that can withstand harsh weather conditions. The Terra 45 is also easy to install and comes with a mounting plate, handlebar switch, and all the necessary hardware.

Unique Features

  • Sealed motor and heavy-duty solenoid for durability
  • Waterproof design to withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Easy to install with mounting plate and handlebar switch
  • Dynamic brake control to minimize rope slippage
  • Wireless remote control for convenient operation


  • Powerful pull rating of 4,500 pounds
  • Durable construction with sealed motor and heavy-duty solenoid
  • Waterproof design that can withstand harsh weather conditions
  • Easy to install and comes with all necessary hardware
  • Wireless remote control for convenient operation


  • The Terra 45 is slightly more expensive than some of its competitors
  • Some users have reported issues with the remote control not functioning properly

Overall, the Superwinch 1145220 Terra 45 is a high-quality winch that offers powerful performance and durability. While it may be slightly more expensive than some of its competitors, it’s well worth the investment for off-road enthusiasts who demand the best.

4. Champion 4500-Lb. Atv/Utv Wireless Winch Kit

Champion 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit

The Champion 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit is a powerful and reliable winching solution for off-road enthusiasts. Whether you’re stuck in mud, sand, or snow, this winch can help you get out of a tough spot. With a wireless remote control, you can operate the winch from a safe distance and avoid any potential hazards.

Unique Features

  • Wireless remote control for convenient operation
  • 4500-lb. weight capacity for heavy-duty applications
  • 50-foot steel cable for long-distance winching
  • Dynamic brake for reliable stopping power
  • Automatic load-holding brake for safety


  • Easy to install on most ATV/UTV models
  • Wireless remote allows for safe and convenient operation
  • 4500-lb. weight capacity can handle most off-road challenges
  • Automatic load-holding brake provides added safety
  • Dynamic brake allows for reliable stopping power


  • May be more expensive than other ATV winch kits
  • 50-foot cable may not be long enough for some applications
  • May require additional mounting hardware for certain models

Overall, the Champion 4500-lb. ATV/UTV Wireless Winch Kit is a high-quality and reliable winch that can help you tackle any off-road challenge. With its wireless remote control and heavy-duty weight capacity, this winch is a must-have for any ATV or UTV enthusiast. However, it may be more expensive than other winch kits and may require additional mounting hardware for certain models.

5. Mile Marker Sec8 Scout 12V

Mile Marker SEC8 Scout 12V

The Mile Marker SEC8 Scout 12V is a powerful and durable electric winch designed to help you overcome any off-road obstacle. With a weight capacity of up to 8,000 pounds, this winch is perfect for pulling vehicles out of mud, snow, or any other difficult terrains.

Thanks to its high-strength synthetic rope, the SEC8 Scout 12V can easily withstand heavy loads without breaking or deteriorating over time. The winch also features a waterproof sealing that ensures maximum protection against water damage and rust, making it an ideal choice for tough environmental conditions.

To make it even more versatile, the SEC8 Scout 12V comes with a handheld remote control that lets you operate it from a safe distance. The winch also features a mechanical brake system that holds the load in place, giving you better control over the pulling process.

Unique Features

– High-strength synthetic rope
– Waterproof sealing for maximum protection
– Handheld remote control for easy operation
– Mechanical brake system for better control


– Durable and long-lasting
– Easy to operate
– Great for off-road adventures
– Versatile weight capacity


– May be too expensive for some
– Requires proper installation for optimal performance

Buying Guide for Best Chainsaw Winch

Discover the best chainsaw winch for all of your heavy-duty logging needs with our buying guide. Our experts have extensively researched and reviewed the top-rated models on the market to help you make the most informed decision. Don’t tackle your next logging project without the right equipment – read our guide today.

Max Weight Capacity

Firstly, looking for the maximum weight capacity when purchasing a chainsaw winch ensures that you will be able to tackle larger and heavier projects with ease. A winch that cannot handle the weight of the object you need to move can cause potential safety hazards to you and your equipment. Therefore, it is essential to check the maximum weight capacity before purchasing a chainsaw winch to make sure it aligns with your needs.

Secondly, having a chainsaw winch with a high maximum weight capacity means you can use it for a wider range of projects. Whether you need to move a heavy log or pull a vehicle out of a ditch, a winch with a higher weight capacity will provide greater flexibility to accomplish various tasks. It is always better to have a winch with a higher weight capacity than one that cannot handle the job, as it ensures you are prepared for any situation that may arise.

Length Of Cable

When purchasing a chainsaw winch, it is important to consider the length of cable. A longer cable allows for a wider range of options when it comes to pulling objects or trees. It also provides greater versatility and flexibility when working with different types of terrain or situations.

In addition, a longer cable can save time and effort in setting up the winch, as it can be placed further away from the object being pulled. This can also be beneficial in terms of safety, as it reduces the risk of the object being pulled falling back towards the operator. Ultimately, considering the length of cable is a crucial aspect when it comes to selecting the right chainsaw winch for your needs.

Ease Of Installation

When looking for a chainsaw winch, it is important to prioritize ease of installation. This is because a poorly installed winch can lead to a number of safety hazards, as well as significantly decrease the efficiency of the tool. A winch that is difficult to install may require specialized tools or additional support, which can be time-consuming and costly. By choosing a winch that is easy to install, you can ensure that it is properly secured and ready to be used whenever you need it.

In addition to safety concerns, ease of installation can also impact the portability of your winch. If you plan to use your chainsaw winch in different locations or on different vehicles, you will want a tool that is easy to remove and reattach. A winch that is simple to install and uninstall can save you time and hassle, allowing you to focus on your work rather than struggling with equipment. Ultimately, prioritizing ease of installation when purchasing a chainsaw winch can help you get the most out of your tool while also ensuring your safety and convenience.

Type Of Power Source

It is important to consider the type of power source when purchasing a chainsaw winch because it affects the portability and functionality of the equipment. Gas-powered chainsaw winches provide more power and mobility but are heavier and require regular maintenance. Electric-powered options are lighter and easier to handle but require a nearby power source or battery. The right power source for your needs will depend on the size and location of the job at hand.

Another reason to look for the type of power source when purchasing a chainsaw winch is its impact on the environment. Gas-powered options produce emissions and are not always eco-friendly. Electric-powered options, on the other hand, are quieter and emit fewer pollutants. Depending on the regulations in your location and personal preference, choosing an electric-powered chainsaw winch may be ideal for those looking for a cleaner and quieter option.


A chainsaw winch is a tool that can come in handy in a variety of outdoor settings, but it’s important to consider durability when purchasing one. Since winches are used to move heavy objects, they must withstand a lot of stress, and a winch that is not durable may break or malfunction during use. A winch that is constructed of strong materials and built to last is essential for anyone who relies on it for rough outdoor work.

Additionally, durability ensures that the chainsaw winch will be able to withstand the elements. Outdoor tools are subjected to various conditions, including exposure to weather, heat, and moisture. A winch that is not designed to handle such conditions may rust or corrode, rendering it unusable. A durable winch can withstand these conditions without degradation and continue to perform well over time.

Safety Features

When purchasing a chainsaw winch, it is important to look for safety features. Chainsaw winches can be incredibly dangerous tools and can cause serious accidents if not used properly. With safety features in place, such as a chain brake, throttle lockout, and kickback reduction, users can minimize the risk of injury and ensure safe operation of the tool.

Investing in a chainsaw winch with safety features also ensures its longevity. With a reduced risk of accidents, there is a lower chance of the winch being damaged or becoming unsafe to use. As a result, owners can have peace of mind knowing that they have a tool that is not only safe but also reliable and long-lasting.


How many pounds can a chainsaw winch pull?

The weight a chainsaw winch can pull depends on the specific model and brand, but most can handle anywhere from 1,000 to 4,000 pounds. It is important to check the specifications of the winch before use to ensure it can handle the weight you need to pull.

What is the strongest chainsaw machine?

The strongest chainsaw machine is the STIHL MS 881, which can generate up to 121 cc of engine power and has a bar length of up to 50 inches.

What is the number one chainsaw in the world?

The number one chainsaw in the world is the Stihl MS 170.

Which is the best quality of chainsaw?

The best quality of a chainsaw is its performance and reliability. A chainsaw with a powerful motor, sturdy design, and efficient functionality will be able to handle tough jobs and last for years to come. Additionally, features like safety measures and ease of maintenance can also contribute to a chainsaw’s overall quality. It’s important to research and compare different brands and models to find the best one for your individual needs.

Last Words

In conclusion, finding the best chainsaw winch is crucial for anyone looking to make their work easier and more efficient. The Portable Winch PCW5000 is undoubtedly the top product available on the market and offers users versatility, power, and reliability. Coming in at a close second is the Warn 885000 Corded PullzAll, another great option that offers durable construction and high performance. By following our buying guide, you will be able to determine the best chainsaw winch for your needs, and take on even the most challenging and demanding tasks with ease.
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