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Best Dry Vac For Table Saw Dust Collection Top 5 Ranked [2024]

Looking for the best dry vac for table saw dust collection? Table saws can generate a lot of dust, which can be harmful to your health if inhaled. That’s why having a reliable dust collection system is crucial. In this article, we’ll be reviewing the top dry vacs for table saw dust collection to help you make an informed decision.
Table saws produce a lot of dust, which can be harmful to your health and create a messy work environment. Finding the right dry vac to pick up the sawdust is crucial for ensuring your safety while also achieving a clean workspace.

The problem with most dry vacuums is that they aren’t specifically designed for sawdust collection, leading to clogs and ineffective cleaning. Plus, not all dry vacs are created equal, with some lacking powerful suction or proper filters to adequately clean up the fine sawdust particles.

To solve this problem, it’s important to invest in a dry vac specifically designed for sawdust collection. Look for one with a high-powered motor and a HEPA filter to capture even the smallest particles. Additionally, consider the size and portability of the vacuum to ensure it’s easy to use and store in your workshop. Ultimately, the best dry vac for table saw dust collection is one that can effectively and efficiently clean up sawdust, keeping you and your workspace safe and clean.

The best dry vac for table saw dust collection on the Market Right Now

Check out our top picks for the best dry vacs to efficiently collect table saw dust and help keep your workshop clean and safe.

1. Shop-Vac 9633400

Shop-Vac 9633400

If you’re looking for a dry vac to clean up sawdust from your table saw, the Shop-Vac 9633400 is the way to go. This powerful vacuum features a 6.5 peak horsepower motor and a large 16-gallon capacity, making it perfect for cleaning up large amounts of sawdust quickly and easily. Plus, with its sturdy construction and durable components, you can rely on the Shop-Vac 9633400 to last for years to come.

Unique Features

– Powerful 6.5 peak horsepower motor for efficient cleaning
– Durable construction with metal carriage handle and wheel supports
– Positive-locking lid for secure and easy emptying
– Large 16-gallon capacity for extended use without needing to empty frequently
– Air flow control for adjusting suction power to fit your specific cleaning needs
– Comes with a range of accessories, including a crevice tool and extension wands


– Powerful motor makes quick work of even heavy sawdust accumulation
– Large capacity means less time spent emptying and more time spent cleaning
– Durable construction means this vac will last for years with regular use
– Comes with a range of accessories to suit your specific cleaning needs


– This is a larger unit, which could be a drawback if you have limited space for storage
– Some users report that this unit is heavier than other dry vacs, which could make it more difficult to move around
– The price point on this unit may be higher than others, but with its durability and power, it is a solid investment for heavy-duty sawdust clean up needs.

If you’re in the market for a dry vac for your sawdust clean up needs, the Shop-Vac 9633400 should be at the top of your list. With its powerful motor, large capacity, durable construction, and range of accessories, this unit is a reliable and efficient way to keep your workspace free of sawdust buildup. While it may be heavier and larger than some other units, the investment is worth it for those with heavy-duty cleaning needs.

2. Dewalt Dwv012


The DEWALT DWV012 Heavy Duty Wet Dry Vacuum is a high-performance vacuum cleaner that can handle any tough cleaning job with ease. From dry debris to wet spills, this vacuum cleaner is designed to quickly and effectively clean up any mess.

Unique Features

– Heavy-duty construction: The DEWALT DWV012 is built to last, with a durable construction that can stand up to even the toughest jobs.
– Automatic filter cleaning: This product has an automatic filter cleaning system that ensures peak performance and prolongs the life of the filter.
– Large capacity: The vacuum cleaner has a large capacity, allowing you to clean up even the biggest messes without having to empty it frequently.
– Hose storage: The vacuum cleaner comes with a convenient on-board hose storage system, making it easy to keep the hose organized and accessible.
– Built-in power tool outlet: The DEWALT DWV012 features a built-in power tool outlet, allowing you to easily connect your power tools and use the vacuum for dust extraction.


– Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting durability
– Automatic filter cleaning system for maintained performance and filter longevity
– Large capacity for cleaning up even the biggest messes without frequent emptying
– On-board hose storage for convenient storage and quick accessibility
– Built-in power tool outlet for easy connection of power tools and effective dust extraction


– Expensive compared to other vacuum cleaners in the market
– Some users may find it heavy and difficult to move around
– The product doesn’t come with all the attachments that may be required for some cleaning jobs.

3. Makita Vc4710

Makita VC4710

The Makita VC4710 is a powerful and versatile wet/dry dust extractor, designed to keep your workspace clean and safe while reducing dust and debris. With a powerful 12-amp motor and 135 CFM of suction power, this dust extractor is ideal for a wide range of applications, including construction, woodworking, and metalworking.

One of the most impressive features of the Makita VC4710 is its large-capacity dust bag, which can hold up to 12 gallons of debris, reducing the need for frequent emptying. In addition, the dust extractor features an automatic filter cleaning system, which keeps the filter clean and extends the life of the machine. The machine also includes an on-board tool-activated power outlet and a 16-foot power cord for added convenience and flexibility.

Unique Features

– Automatic filter cleaning system
– Large-capacity dust bag
– On-board tool-activated power outlet
– 16-foot power cord


– Powerful 12-amp motor and 135 CFM of suction power
– Large-capacity dust bag reduces the need for frequent emptying
– Automatic filter cleaning system extends the life of the machine
– On-board power outlet and long power cord offer added convenience and flexibility


– The machine is relatively heavy, weighing in at 27 pounds
– The noise level is high at 59 dB, making it uncomfortable to use for long periods.
– Users need to purchase a separate hose to use the machine.

4. Festool 583492 Ct 26 E

Festool 583492 CT 26 E

The Festool 583492 CT 26 E is a highly rated power tool that has been designed for use in woodworking and other industries. It is a high-performance dust extractor that helps to clean up messes in your workshop while also providing powerful suction for larger workpieces.

Unique Features:

  • HEPA Filter: The CT 26 E has a HEPA filter that captures 99.99% of all particles, making it a great choice for allergy sufferers.
  • Automatic Tool Start: This feature allows the tool to automatically start and stop when a connected power tool is turned on and off, for maximum efficiency.
  • Large Wheels and Carrying Handle: The CT 26 E comes with large wheels and an ergonomic carrying handle, making it easy to transport around your workshop or job site.
  • Variable Suction Control: With this function, you can adjust the suction power to suit your needs.


  • High-Quality Construction: The CT 26 E is well-built and designed to withstand heavy use.
  • Excellent Dust Collection: The HEPA filter and variable suction control combine to provide outstanding dust collection capabilities.
  • Quiet Operation: Despite its powerful motor, the CT 26 E runs relatively quietly, making it more pleasant to use over extended periods of time.
  • Automatic Tool Start: This feature makes it incredibly convenient to use in conjunction with other tools and helps to minimize downtime.


  • Expensive: The CT 26 E is an expensive tool, making it more of an investment than a casual purchase.
  • Heavy: At over 28 pounds, the CT 26 E is not the lightest tool on the market, which can make it harder to move around your workspace.

In conclusion, the Festool 583492 CT 26 E is a powerful and reliable dust extractor that is ideal for anyone who values excellent dust collection, quiet operation, and a range of convenient features. While it may be more expensive than some of its competitors, its exceptional build quality and innovative features make it a worthwhile investment for anyone who takes their woodworking or DIY projects seriously. Whether you are a professional carpenter or a DIY enthusiast, the CT 26 E is a power tool you can rely on.

5. Bosch Vac090Ah

Bosch VAC090AH

The Bosch VAC090AH is a powerful and versatile dust extractor that is perfect for use in a variety of settings, from construction sites to workshops. With a maximum airflow of 150 cubic feet per minute and a maximum vacuum pressure of 97 inches of water, this dust extractor is more than capable of handling even the toughest of jobs. It features an automatic filter cleaning system that cleans the main filter every 15 seconds to ensure consistent suction power, while the HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns and larger. Additionally, the Bosch VAC090AH comes equipped with a tool activation feature that automatically starts and stops the vacuum when the user starts and stops their power tool, making it incredibly convenient and easy to use.

Unique Features

– Automatic filter cleaning system
– HEPA filter
– Tool activation feature
– Maximum airflow of 150 CFM
– Maximum vacuum pressure of 97″ of water


– Powerful suction
– Convenient tool activation feature
– Automatic filter cleaning system ensures consistent suction power
– HEPA filter captures 99.97% of particles
– Versatile and perfect for use in a variety of settings


– Slightly more expensive than some other dust extractors on the market
– Can be a bit bulky and heavy to carry around

Buying Guide for Best Dry Vac For Table Saw Dust Collection

Looking for the best dry vac to collect sawdust from your table saw? Look no further! Our buying guide offers expert advice and reviews to help you find the perfect solution for your workshop needs. Say goodbye to messy cleanup and hello to efficient dust collection with our top recommendations.

Belt Width

The belt width is an important factor to consider when purchasing a dry vac for table saw dust collection because it determines the efficiency of the vacuum in cleaning the dust generated by the saw. A wider belt allows for a greater flow of dust through the vacuum system, improving suction power and making the process more efficient. This is especially important for larger saws or when handling heavier-duty work that generates a lot of dust. A narrow belt, on the other hand, may not be able to handle the volume of dust and could cause the vacuum to clog, resulting in a longer cleaning time and decreased productivity.

Furthermore, the belt width will determine the size of the hose that can be connected to the vacuum. A larger belt typically means a larger hose, which can help capture more dust and debris from the table saw. A smaller hose may not be capable of capturing all of the dust, which could lead to airborne particles and affect the overall safety of the workspace. Therefore, choosing the right belt width when purchasing a dry vac for table saw dust collection is crucial for ensuring a clean and safe work environment.

Motor Power

The motor power is an important factor to consider when purchasing a dry vac for table saw dust collection as it determines the vacuum’s suction capacity. As table saw dust particles are typically larger and denser than household dust, a powerful motor is required to efficiently suck them up. A higher motor power rating will ensure the vacuum can easily remove debris, making the sawdust collection process more efficient and less time-consuming.

Additionally, motor power impacts the vacuum’s overall durability and longevity. A powerful motor ensures that the vacuum can handle regular usage and prolonged use without burning out or failing. Thus, looking for a dry vac with sufficient motor power is crucial for optimal performance and long-lasting use when collecting sawdust from your table saw.

Dust Collection System

When purchasing a dry vac for table saw dust collection, it is important to look for a compatible dust collection system to ensure proper and efficient collection of dust and debris. Without a proper system in place, the vacuum’s suction power may not be strong enough to effectively capture small particles and airborne contaminants. This can result in a buildup of dust in the work area, which can pose a health hazard and cause damage to equipment. A dust collection system will ensure that dust and debris are collected and contained, reducing the risk of harmful airborne particles and prolonging the lifespan of the vacuum and other tools.

Another reason to look for a dust collection system when purchasing a dry vac for table saw dust collection is to improve overall productivity and efficiency. With an effective dust collection system in place, workers can spend less time cleaning up dust and debris from the work area and more time focusing on the task at hand. This can help reduce downtime and increase productivity, ultimately leading to better results and higher-quality work. Additionally, a cleaner work environment can help improve worker morale and create a safer, healthier workspace.


Firstly, purchasing a dry vac for table saw dust collection that is durable ensures that the unit can withstand any harsh working conditions. A durable unit also means it will last longer, reducing the need for frequent replacements, and ultimately saving you money in the long run.

Secondly, a durable dry vac for table saw dust collection will be less likely to malfunction or break down, ensuring efficient and consistent dust collection from your table saw. This is particularly important for those who use their table saw regularly, as a faulty dry vac can cause downtime and lost productivity. Therefore, investing in a durable dry vac for table saw dust collection is essential to ensure efficient and reliable dust collection, while also minimizing maintenance and replacement costs.


Can you use a shop vac for dust collection on table saw?

Yes, you can use a shop vac for dust collection on a table saw. However, you may need to use an attachment or adapter to connect the shop vac to the table saw. It’s also important to note that a shop vac may not have as strong suction as a dedicated dust collector, so you may need to empty the container more often.

Can you use a wet/dry vac as a dust collector?

Yes, you can use a wet/dry vac as a dust collector. Wet/dry vacuums have powerful suction capabilities and can effectively collect dust and debris from a wide range of surfaces. However, it’s important to ensure that the vacuum has a suitable filter to capture fine dust particles, and to empty the dustbin regularly to prevent clogging.

How much CFM do I need for dust collection?

The ideal CFM (cubic feet per minute) for dust collection depends on the size of the area and the type of equipment being used, but a good rule of thumb for most workshops is to aim for at least 350 CFM per tool.

Is it OK to vacuum sawdust?

Yes, it is safe to vacuum sawdust, but it’s important to use the proper equipment. Regular household vacuum cleaners may not have filters that are fine enough to trap sawdust particles, which can cause dust to escape into the air and reduce the performance of the vacuum. It’s recommended to use a shop vacuum or a vacuum with a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter. Additionally, make sure to empty the vacuum frequently to prevent clogging and fire hazards.

Final Words

In conclusion, finding the best dry vac for table saw dust collection is a crucial step towards ensuring a clean and safe workspace. Among the top products in the market, the Shop-Vac 9633400 stands out with its powerful suction and large capacity. However, the DEWALT DWV012 comes in a close second with a range of innovative features and exceptional filtration. Ultimately, choosing the best dry vac for table saw dust collection will depend on your specific needs and preferences, which is why it’s necessary to consider the buying guide before making a purchase.

In summary, the best dry vac for table saw dust collection is ultimately the one that meets your specific requirements. Whether you choose the Shop-Vac 9633400 or the DEWALT DWV012 or another high-quality product, maintaining a safe and clean space should be your top priority. With the help of the buying guide, you can make an informed decision and invest in a dry vac that will not only improve your workspace but also improve your overall health and well-being.