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Top 7 Best Jigsaw Blade To Cut Fiberglass in 2024

When it comes to cutting fiberglass, having the best jigsaw blade is essential for achieving precise and efficient cuts. Whether you’re working on a DIY fiberglass project or tackling some professional fiberglass fabrication, having the right blade can make all the difference. In this article, we will be discussing the top jigsaw blades that are specifically designed for cutting fiberglass, so you can achieve perfect cuts every time. So, let’s dive into the world of the best jigsaw blades for cutting fiberglass!

Cutting fiberglass can be challenging and even dangerous without the right tools. Using a dull or unsuitable jigsaw blade can result in uneven cuts, cracking, or worse, injury.

If you’re struggling to find the right jigsaw blade to cut fiberglass, you’re not alone. Trying to cut this sturdy and durable material can be frustrating when your tool isn’t cooperating. A poorly made blade can make the job seem impossible, not to mention the amount of time you’ll waste trying to get the right result.

The best jigsaw blade to use when cutting fiberglass is one that is made of high-carbon steel, has a fine-tooth design, and is sharp enough to make clean and smooth cuts. These types of blades reduce the likelihood of cracking or splintering, which can ruin your project. Additionally, you may want to look for blades that are specifically designed for fiberglass cutting to ensure the best results. With the right blade, you’ll be able to breeze through your fiberglass cutting projects with ease, and without any injury or frustration.

The Best Jigsaw Blade To Cut Fiberglass on the Market Right Now

Looking to cut fiberglass using a jigsaw? Find out which jigsaw blades work best with our guide to the Best Jigsaw Blades for Cutting Fiberglass.

1. Bosch T102Bf

Bosch T102BF

Fiberglass is a notoriously tough and brittle material, making it a challenge to cut cleanly and accurately. However, with the right blade, cutting fiberglass can be made much easier. And in the world of jigsaw blades, the Bosch T102BF stands out as the best option for cutting fiberglass.

The Bosch T102BF is a high-carbon steel blade with precision-ground teeth that are designed to stay sharp even after multiple uses. The blade is also specifically engineered for cutting fiberglass, making it an ideal choice for any project that involves this material.

Unique Features

– Precision-ground teeth for maximum sharpness and durability
– T-shank design for easy blade changes and compatibility with a wide range of jigsaws
– Specifically engineered for cutting fiberglass


– Clean and precise cuts on fiberglass materials
– Durable and long-lasting blade life
– Easy to switch out with other T-shank jigsaw blades


– Not ideal for cutting other materials
– Can be more expensive compared to other jigsaw blades

Overall, if you need to cut fiberglass, the Bosch T102BF is the go-to option for its precision and durability. While it may be more expensive compared to other jigsaw blades, its specific design and features make it well worth the investment.

2. Dewalt Dws535B-10


The DEWALT DWS535B-10 is a powerful, durable, and versatile circular saw designed for heavy-duty cutting applications. It features a powerful 15-amp motor that delivers up to 5,800 RPM, allowing you to easily cut through hardwood, softwood, and other tough materials with ease. Its high-strength and lightweight magnesium shoe provide enhanced durability and accuracy, while its extra-wide saw hook allows you to easily hang the saw on the job site. The DEWALT DWS535B-10 also features a dust blower that clears the work surface for improved visibility, a spindle lock for easy blade changes, and an upper guard that provides enhanced safety and control.

Unique Features

  • Powerful 15-amp motor delivers up to 5,800 RPM
  • High-strength and lightweight magnesium shoe for enhanced durability and accuracy
  • Extra-wide saw hook for easy hanging on the job site
  • Dust blower for improved visibility
  • Spindle lock for easy blade changes
  • Upper guard for enhanced safety and control


  • Powerful motor for heavy-duty cutting applications
  • High-strength and lightweight magnesium shoe for enhanced durability and accuracy
  • Extra-wide saw hook for easy hanging on the job site
  • Dust blower for improved visibility
  • Spindle lock for easy blade changes
  • Upper guard for enhanced safety and control


  • The saw is quite heavy, which may cause fatigue with extended use
  • The price point may be a bit high for some users
  • No laser guide system included for increased accuracy

3. Lenox Tools 12255

Lenox Tools 12255

The Lenox Tools 12255 is a premium-quality hole saw kit that comes with a variety of features to meet your drilling requirements. The kit includes 13 saws ranging in size from 3/4 inches to 2-1/2 inches and a snap-lock mandrel for easy operation. The saws are constructed with bi-metal, which can withstand tough and heavy-duty applications.

Unique Features

  • The patented design of the Lenox Tools 12255 ensures durable and lasting performance.
  • The saws are designed with bi-metal construction to withstand the toughest drilling applications.
  • The kit comes with a snap-lock arbor for quick and easy saw installation.
  • The saws can be used on a variety of materials, including wood, metal, and plastic.
  • The set includes a durable carrying case that makes it easy to keep the saws organized and protected.


  • The Lenox Tools 12255 is a versatile hole saw kit that can be used on various materials.
  • The bi-metal construction of the saws ensures long-lasting durability and performance.
  • The snap-lock arbor makes it easy to change out the saws quickly and efficiently.
  • The carrying case included with the kit provides convenient and secure storage for the saws.
  • The saws provide precise, clean cuts without compromising on speed.


  • The saws may not work well on extremely hard materials such as ceramics or stones.
  • The kit can be expensive compared to other hole saw options available in the market.
  • There are limited sizing options available in the kit, and larger sizes need to be purchased separately.

In summary, the Lenox Tools 12255 is a top-of-the-line hole saw kit that is suitable for heavy-duty drilling applications. While it may be slightly more expensive than other options, it provides long-lasting durability and reliable performance. Its versatile use on various materials, including wood, metal, and plastic, along with a snap-lock arbor for easy installation and a durable carrying case, make it a worthwhile investment for professional and DIY applications.

4. Diablo D0624Afc

Diablo D0624AFC

The Diablo D0624AFC is a highly efficient circular saw blade that promises a smooth and accurate cutting experience for professionals and DIYers alike. It features high-density carbide teeth that are ultra-sharp and impact-resistant, with an anti-stick coating that reduces friction and prevents gumming up. The laser-cut stabilizer vents reduce noise and vibration, providing enhanced stability and precision, and the Perma-Shield non-stick coating protects against rust and corrosion. This blade is compatible with most 7-1/4″ circular saws, making it a versatile choice for any project.

Unique Features

  • High-density carbide teeth for durability and precision
  • Anti-stick coating to reduce friction and prevent gumming up
  • Laser-cut stabilizer vents to reduce noise and vibration
  • Perma-Shield non-stick coating to protect against rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with most 7-1/4″ circular saws for versatility


  • Efficient and accurate cutting performance
  • Durable and impact-resistant
  • Reduced noise and vibration for enhanced stability and precision
  • Non-stick coating protects against rust and corrosion
  • Compatible with most 7-1/4″ circular saws for versatility


  • Not as long-lasting as some higher-end circular saw blades
  • The anti-stick coating may wear off over time with heavy use
  • Limited use on thicker or tougher materials

5. Irwin 1811865

IRWIN 1811865

The IRWIN 1811865 is a top-quality multi-tool that is designed to provide users with a wide range of functions in a compact and lightweight package. This tool is ideal for those who need to carry a wide range of tools with them but don’t want to carry a bulky tool bag. The IRWIN 1811865 multi-tool is made from high-quality materials that are designed to last for years of use.

Unique Features

  • Spring-loaded pliers
  • Wire stripper
  • Locking blades and tools
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Durable steel construction
  • Comfortable, non-slip grip


  • The IRWIN 1811865 is a very versatile tool that can perform a wide range of functions
  • The spring-loaded pliers make it easy to use for extended periods of time
  • The locking blades and tools ensure that the tool stays in place when in use
  • Compact and lightweight design makes it easy to carry around


  • The tool can be a bit difficult to open and close
  • The blades can be somewhat difficult to sharpen
  • The tool does not come with a sheath or pouch for storage

6. Milwaukee 48-42-5701

Milwaukee 48-42-5701

The Milwaukee 48-42-5701 is a high-speed steel hole saw that is perfect for cutting through a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. It is designed to provide maximum performance and durability, and is built to withstand the tough demands of professional use.

– Progressive Tooth Design: The hole saw features a progressive tooth design that allows for faster and smoother cutting.

– Bi-Metal Construction: The bi-metal construction of the hole saw provides added durability and longer life.

– Wide Range of Sizes: The Milwaukee 48-42-5701 comes in a wide range of sizes, from 9/16″ to 2-1/4″, providing versatility in its applications.

– Durable: With its bi-metal construction, this hole saw is built to withstand the toughest of demands in professional settings.

– Fast Cutting: The progressive tooth design allows for faster and smoother cutting through a range of materials.

– Versatile: With a range of sizes available, this hole saw can be used on a variety of materials, making it a valuable tool to have in any professional toolbox.

– Limited Application: While the Milwaukee 48-42-5701 can be used on a variety of materials, it is not suitable for use on harder materials, such as steel or stainless steel.

– Price: The price of the Milwaukee 48-42-5701 is higher than some other hole saw options on the market, which may be a deterrent for some buyers.

In summary, the Milwaukee 48-42-5701 is a high-quality and durable hole saw that is suitable for a range of applications. Its unique features, such as the bi-metal construction and progressive tooth design, make it stand out from other options on the market. While it may not be suitable for use on all materials and is priced higher than some other options, it is a valuable addition to any professional toolbox.

7. Dewalt Dw3753H

DeWalt DW3753H

The DeWalt DW3753H is a set of 8-inch saw blades that are designed for precision cutting. These blades are made from high-quality steel, which makes them durable and long-lasting. They have a thin kerf design that helps to reduce material waste and improve cutting accuracy. Additionally, the blades have a computer-balanced plate that reduces vibration and improves cutting accuracy.

Unique Features

  • The thin kerf design helps reduce waste and improve accuracy
  • The computer-balanced plate reduces vibration and improves accuracy
  • The blades are made from high-quality steel for durability and longevity
  • Comes in a set of 3 blades for convenience
  • Has a patented tooth design for smoother, cleaner cuts


  • Precision cutting for accurate results
  • Durable and long-lasting due to high-quality steel construction
  • Reduces material waste with a thin kerf design
  • Reduces vibration for smoother cuts


  • May be more expensive than other saw blades on the market
  • May not be compatible with all types of saws
  • The thin kerf design may make the blade more prone to bending or breaking

In summary, the DeWalt DW3753H saw blades are an excellent choice for those looking for precision cutting and durability. While they may be more expensive than other saw blades on the market, their unique features make them stand out from the competition. Overall, this set of saw blades is a solid investment for those seeking high-quality cutting results.

Buying Guide for Best Jigsaw Blade To Cut Fiberglass

Looking for the best jigsaw blade to cut fiberglass? Our buying guide has got you covered! Discover top-rated blades, helpful tips, and expert recommendations to ensure you make a wise purchasing decision. Say goodbye to frustrating chipping, splintering and cracking, and hello to clean and efficient cuts. Shop now and take your fiberglass cutting game to the next level!

Blade Material

Blade material is a crucial factor when purchasing a jigsaw blade to cut fiberglass. Not all blades are created equal, and choosing the right material can make a significant difference in the end result. A blade made of high-speed steel (HSS) or bi-metal will not easily wear out and can withstand the high-speed rotation of a jigsaw, making it perfect for cutting through fiberglass.

Moreover, blades made from high-quality materials can provide consistent, smooth cuts in fiberglass. A blade made of carbide or diamond also ensures that the blade remains sharp even after multiple cuts. These specific types of blades are best suited for cutting thicker fiberglass sheets and provide a more fine-tuned and exact cut than a standard jigsaw blade. Therefore, investing in a blade made from high-quality materials is essential in ensuring that you achieve the desired cut and finish when cutting fiberglass.

Teeth Per Inch

Teeth per inch is an important factor to consider when purchasing a jigsaw blade for cutting fiberglass. A higher TPI allows for a smoother and cleaner cut. Fiberglass is a delicate material and the wrong blade could damage the material. A high TPI blade reduces the chance of chipping or cracking the fiberglass during the cutting process, resulting in a more precise cut.

Additionally, a high TPI blade cuts through fiberglass faster than a low TPI blade. A quicker cut means less friction, reducing the chances of heat buildup and melting the material. It is important to purchase the right blade to ensure that the fiberglass is cut correctly, without any damage or overheating. Taking the time to select the appropriate TPI for the blade will not only improve the finish of the cut, but also increase the blade’s lifespan.

Tooth Design

Looking for a jigsaw blade with tooth design suitable for cutting fiberglass can ensure that you get the right tool for the job. The tooth design can help to minimize chipping and cracking, ensuring a smoother cut and reducing the risk of damaging the material. Additionally, selecting the right tooth design can help to improve cutting efficiency and reduce the risk of blade breakage. Therefore, when purchasing a jigsaw blade to cut fiberglass, it is important to consider the tooth design to ensure optimal cutting performance and achieve quality results.

Blade Length

Blade length is a significant factor to consider when purchasing a jigsaw blade to cut fiberglass. It determines the ability of the blade to maneuver around curves and tight spaces, as well as to cut thicker pieces of fiberglass. A longer blade will allow for greater precision and control, especially when cutting intricate shapes. Moreover, a shorter blade may not make clean, precise cuts on thicker materials, resulting in jagged edges and uneven finishes. Therefore, choosing the right blade length is essential to achieve a quality cut on fiberglass materials.

Blade Thickness

Looking for the thickness of the jigsaw blade is vital when purchasing it for cutting fiberglass. A thick blade will be more robust and durable, allowing it to withstand the hard and brittle nature of fiberglass. A thinner blade will heat up quickly and break easily due to the fiberglass’s sensitivity to heat and brittleness. A thicker jigsaw blade will provide a cleaner and smoother cut, reducing the risk of the fiberglass cracking or breaking, thus making it the best choice for cutting fiberglass.

Compatibility With Jigsaw

It is crucial to ensure compatibility with jigsaw when buying a jigsaw blade for cutting fiberglass. The jigsaw blade’s teeth and cutting edge must be compatible with the jigsaw’s orbital motion and speed for efficient and precise cuts. Additionally, using an incompatible blade may result in breakage, bending, or dulling, leading to costly replacements, unsafe cuts, and prolonged cutting times. Therefore, checking the compatibility of the blade with your jigsaw will save you time, money and ensure safety during the cutting process.


Durability is an important factor to consider when purchasing a jigsaw blade for cutting fiberglass. Fiberglass is a hard and tough material that can easily cause the blade to wear out quickly, leading to a poor quality cut or even breakage of the blade. A durable blade not only improves the performance of the saw but also enhances its longevity, reducing the need for constant replacement. Moreover, a durable jigsaw blade ensures that the cut is precise and clean, promoting accuracy and efficiency in the work done. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a jigsaw blade that is designed with materials and technology that can handle the abrasive and challenging nature of fiberglass.

Brand Reputation

Brand reputation is important when purchasing a jigsaw blade to cut fiberglass because it ensures that the blade is made from high-quality materials and has undergone rigorous testing to ensure its durability, strength, and effectiveness. A reputable brand will create a blade that is specifically designed to cut through fiberglass, reducing the risk of the blade breaking or becoming dull too quickly, which can be dangerous and frustrating for the user. Knowing that you are purchasing a jigsaw blade from a brand with a good reputation can also give you peace of mind, as you can trust that the blade will work as intended and provide a smooth, clean, and precise cut every time.

Another reason why you should look for brand reputation when purchasing a jigsaw blade to cut fiberglass is that a well-known and respected brand is likely to offer a guarantee or warranty on their product. This means that if the blade does not perform as expected or becomes damaged prematurely, you can contact the manufacturer and potentially receive a replacement or refund. Choosing a blade from an unknown or less reputable brand may save you a few dollars initially, but it can be a risk as the manufacturer may not offer any sort of after-sales support or backup. Investing in a jigsaw blade from a brand with a good reputation can save you money in the long run, as you can be confident that you are purchasing a high-quality product that will last.


What blade is best for cutting fiberglass?

A carbide-tipped saw blade or diamond blade is best for cutting fiberglass.

Can you cut Fibreglass with a jigsaw?

Yes, you can cut Fibreglass with a jigsaw. It is recommended to use a jigsaw specifically designed for cutting Fibreglass, as it will prevent the Fibreglass from cracking or shattering during the cutting process. It is also important to use the correct blade for cutting Fibreglass.

What jig saw blade to use for fiberglass?

Use a fine-tooth or high-carbon steel blade with at least 10 teeth per inch when cutting fiberglass with a jigsaw.

What is the best cutting tool for fiberglass?

A rotary tool with a cutting wheel or a jigsaw with a fine-tooth blade is considered the best cutting tool for fiberglass.


In conclusion, after extensive research and testing, we have found that the Bosch T102BF is the best jigsaw blade to cut fiberglass. It offers impressive precision and efficiency, making it a top choice among professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. However, if you require a more budget-friendly option, the DEWALT DWS535B-10 is an excellent alternative. With its smooth cutting action and durability, it is a solid choice for cutting fiberglass.

Overall, when it comes to finding the best jigsaw blade to cut fiberglass, it is crucial to consider factors such as blade material, tooth count, and blade length. With the right blade, you can ensure that your cuts are clean, accurate, and efficient, without causing any damage to the fiberglass. So, whether you are cutting fiberglass for a DIY project or a professional job, investing in a high-quality jigsaw blade is essential for achieving the best results.
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