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Best Non Sliding Miter Saw Top 4 Ranked [2024]

When it comes to woodworking, having the right tools is essential. One such tool is a miter saw, which can make angled cuts with great accuracy. However, not all miter saws are created equal, and if you’re in the market for a new one, you’ll want to consider a non-sliding option. In this article, we’ll be looking at the best non-sliding miter saws on the market, so you can make an informed decision and find the perfect tool for your needs.

Finding a reliable non sliding miter saw can be a daunting task, especially when faced with countless options on the market. Consumers are often overwhelmed with too much information and find it challenging to identify the best non sliding miter saw that fits their needs.

The frustration doesn’t end with the amount of information available. It’s also common for consumers to invest in a non sliding miter saw only to find that it doesn’t meet their expectations. This results in time and money wasted on a product that doesn’t deliver. Even worse, some non sliding miter saws lack accuracy, making it difficult to produce precise cuts, which can be frustrating for woodworking projects.

However, finding the best non sliding miter saw is possible by considering certain features. Look for models that are equipped with a powerful motor, blade versatility, durable construction, and a comprehensive warranty. With the right non sliding miter saw, consumers can efficiently tackle woodworking projects and have confidence in the accuracy and precision of their cuts. By investing in a high-quality product, it’s possible to avoid frustration and wasted time and money, making the overall experience a positive one. The key is to research and take time to identify the best non sliding miter saw for individual needs.

The Best Non Sliding Miter Saw on the Market Right Now

Discover the top non-sliding miter saws on the market with our comprehensive guide. Find the perfect saw for your woodworking needs and create precise cuts every time.

1. Bosch Cm10Gd

Bosch CM10GD

The Bosch CM10GD is a 10-inch dual-bevel glide miter saw that offers smooth and accurate cuts. It features a powerful 15 amp motor that delivers up to 4800 RPM, making it ideal for various cutting applications.

The glide system of the saw allows for smooth and easy operation, while the Axial-Glide system ensures consistent precision and accuracy. The bevel capacity of the saw is 47 degrees to the left and right, providing users with ample flexibility for their cutting needs.

The saw has a large cutting capacity of up to 12 inches horizontally and 4 inches vertically, making it suitable for various cutting tasks. It also features a laser guide system that projects a clear line of sight, ensuring that users can make precise and accurate cuts.

Unique Features

– Dual-bevel glide system for smooth and easy operation
– Axial-Glide system for consistent precision and accuracy
– Laser guide system for clear line of sight
– Large cutting capacity of up to 12 inches horizontally and 4 inches vertically
– Powerful 15 amp motor with 4800 RPM


– Smooth and accurate cuts
– Suitable for various cutting applications
– Easy to use and operate
– Laser guide system ensures precision and accuracy
– Powerful motor for efficient cutting


– Relatively heavy and bulky
– Expensive compared to other miter saws
– Requires some assembly before use

Overall, the Bosch CM10GD is a high-quality miter saw that offers smooth and accurate cuts. Its unique features and powerful motor make it suitable for various cutting applications. However, it is relatively heavy and bulky, and may require some assembly before use. While it is more expensive than other miter saws, its precision and reliability make it worth the investment for serious woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts alike.

2. Makita Ls1018

Makita LS1018

The Makita LS1018 is a dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw that delivers accuracy, power, and reliability. It has a 13-amp motor that produces up to 4,300 RPM for fast and precise cuts. The saw can make bevel cuts up to 45 degrees to the left and right, and miter cuts up to 47 degrees left and 60 degrees right. The compact design and lightweight construction make it easy to transport and store, while the easy-to-read bevel and miter scales help ensure accuracy.

Unique Features

  • Soft start technology for smooth and efficient start-ups
  • Linear ball bearing system ensures accurate cuts and extended tool life
  • Laser marker system helps improve cutting accuracy
  • Ergonomic rubberized D-handle design for improved control and comfort
  • Large aluminum base for increased stability and support


  • Powerful motor for fast and precise cutting
  • Dual-bevel design allows for increased versatility
  • Compact and lightweight for easy transport and storage
  • Easy-to-read bevel and miter scales for improved accuracy
  • Soft start technology for smooth and efficient start-ups


  • Relatively expensive compared to other miter saws
  • No built-in laser guide
  • The blade guard can be stiff and difficult to move

Overall, the Makita LS1018 is a top-of-the-line miter saw that delivers accuracy, power, and versatility. While it may be slightly more expensive than other options on the market, its unique features and impressive performance make it a worthwhile investment for both professional and DIY users.

3. Dewalt Dws716Xps


The DEWALT DWS716XPS is a highly versatile and accurate double-bevel compound mitre saw designed with the modern contractor and DIY enthusiast in mind. With its powerful motor and highly intuitive control system, this saw can effortlessly cut through even the toughest of materials, making it an ideal tool for tackling a wide array of cutting and finishing projects.

Unique Features

  • The saw features an XPS cross-cut positioning system that ensures extreme accuracy and visibility when working with the cutting area.
  • This saw has a 15 Amp motor that delivers an outstanding performance, making it an ideal tool when working on heavy cutting projects.
  • Features a double-bevel design that allows for angle cutting in both directions without the need to reposition the material.
  • It also comes with an adjustable mitre detent plate that improves cutting precision and holds 11 positive stops in place.
  • Has a tall sliding fence that allows for crown molding cuts up to 6-5/8″ nested, providing support during trimming and finishing projects.
  • The Cam lock miter handle grants accurate miter angles and the stainless steel miter detent plate ensures long-lasting accuracy in your workpiece.


  • It’s highly accurate and reliable when cutting through various materials, ensuring an excellent finish every time.
  • Features a powerful motor that delivers reliable power when working on heavy-duty material cutting projects.
  • The double-bevel design allows for angled cuts in both directions without the need to reposition the material, saving time and effort.
  • With its highly visible XPS cross-cut positioning system, this saw provides extreme accuracy, making it ideal for precision cutting and finishing projects.
  • The adjustable mitre detent plate improves cutting precision, holding eleven positive stops in place, making it easier to cut through materials quickly and efficiently.
  • Can handle a variety of cutting projects, including crown molding cuts up to 6-5/8″ nested and base molding up to 6-1/2″ vertically against the fence, providing greater support during trimming and finishing projects.


  • The saw is relatively heavy to move around the workspace, which can make it challenging to work with when cutting large or heavy materials.
  • It’s relatively expensive when compared to other models, making it less accessible to hobbyists and small contractors on a tight budget.
  • The dust collection system may not be the most efficient, leaving behind debris and dust that may require additional clean-up time and effort.

4. Dewalt Dws715


DEWALT is a well-known brand when it comes to power tools, and the DEWALT DWS715 is no different. It is a 12-inch single-bevel compound miter saw that is perfect for both professional use and DIY enthusiasts. The saw comes with a powerful 15 Amp motor capable of producing 4,000 RPM, delivering both fast and accurate cuts. The carbide blade is durable and delivers a precise and clean cut on different materials. The saw is also lightweight and portable, enabling you to work on different projects with ease.

Unique Features

  • The DEWALT DWS715 comes with a precise miter system, which provides accurate and repeatable cuts.
  • It has a tall sliding fence that supports crown molding up to 5-1/4 inches nested and base molding up to 6-1/2 inches vertically against the fence while easily sliding out of the way for bevel cuts.
  • The saw has an adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 14 positive stops, ensuring you get the right cut angle every time.
  • The saw is designed with a cam lock miter handle for fast and accurate adjustments.
  • The DEWALT DWS715 has a bevel range of 0-48 degrees to the left and right, allowing you to make more precise and accurate bevel cuts.


  • The DEWALT DWS715 is highly accurate and easy to use, making it a great tool for professional and DIY use.
  • The saw is lightweight and portable, allowing you to work on different projects with ease.
  • The saw is highly durable, ensuring long-term use without needing regular maintenance.
  • The saw is designed to reduce kickback, producing safe and efficient cuts.
  • The saw comes with a three-year limited warranty, providing you with the peace of mind that your investment is protected.


  • The saw is quite expensive, making it less accessible to DIY enthusiasts on a tight budget
  • The dust collection system is not as efficient, requiring you to clean up the work area regularly.
  • The saw does not come with a laser, which can make it challenging to make precise cuts if you’re new to woodworking.

In summary, the DEWALT DWS715 is a powerful and accurate miter saw capable of delivering fast and precise cuts on different materials. The saw’s unique features make it ideal for both professional and DIY use, but its high cost may make it less accessible to some users. Overall, the DEWALT DWS715 is an excellent investment for those in the woodworking industry, but it may not be suitable for beginners or those on a tight budget.

Buying Guide for Best Non Sliding Miter Saw

Looking to buy a non sliding miter saw? Our comprehensive buying guide has everything you need to know before making a purchase. From blade size to bevel capacity, we cover all the essential features to consider when selecting the best non sliding miter saw for your needs. Start your search today and find the perfect tool for your workspace.

Blade Size

Blade size is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a non-sliding miter saw. It determines the maximum cutting capacity of the tool, which impacts the type and size of workpieces you can cut. For instance, a larger blade size enables you to work on thicker and more extensive materials, while smaller blades work for smaller and thinner ones.

Additionally, blade size determines the accuracy and speed of your cuts. Large blades create deeper cuts, which helps to save time and give cleaner finishes. Smaller blades, on the other hand, allow for more control and precision, making them perfect for intricate cuts. Therefore, always consider blade size when purchasing a non-sliding miter saw to ensure that it meets your cutting needs and limitations.

Motor Power

Motor power is an essential factor to consider when purchasing a non-sliding miter saw because it determines the speed and efficiency of the cutting process. A powerful motor ensures smooth and accurate cuts, even through thick and harder materials, saving time and effort for the user. A weaker motor, on the other hand, may struggle to make the cuts needed, leading to errors and wastage of time and material. Therefore, investing in a miter saw with a robust motor is a wise decision for anyone looking for reliability and precision in their woodworking projects.

Bevel Capacity

Bevel capacity is an important factor to consider when purchasing a non-sliding miter saw as it determines how much angle the saw blade can be tilted to either side for angled cuts. A higher bevel capacity means that the saw can make cuts at steeper angles which can be useful for a variety of woodworking applications. In addition, a higher bevel capacity can also increase the versatility of the saw, allowing for more complex cuts and a greater range of projects. Therefore, it is essential to look for a miter saw with a suitable bevel capacity when deciding to make a purchase.

Miter Range

The miter range is an important feature to consider when purchasing a non-sliding miter saw because it determines the angle at which the blade can tilt either to the left or right. A wider miter range means a greater variety of cuts can be achieved as you can set the blade to almost any angle, making it easier to square the workpiece or trim it at a particular angle. It allows you to make angled cuts with precision, which is vital for any woodworking project. Therefore, when buying a non-sliding miter saw, looking for one with a wider miter range will give you more versatility and ensure a higher level of accuracy when making cuts.

Dust Collection System

A dust collection system helps to minimize the dust generated when cutting through wooden materials with a non sliding miter saw. While using a non-sliding miter saw, it’s essential to minimize dust buildup to prevent accidents and to ensure that you have a clear line of sight while working with the tool. A dust collection system will not only keep the workspace cleaner but will also prolong the lifespan of the non-sliding miter saw since dust can be a factor that can wear down the moving components inside the saw.

Additionally, the presence of a dust collection system will create a more pleasant and healthier working environment. Most of the dust generated by cutting through wood contains harmful substances that can cause respiratory issues when inhaled. Using a dust collection system ensures that these particles are captured, thus reducing the risk of health problems. Ultimately, incorporating a dust collection system when choosing a non sliding miter saw is an investment that will pay off over time, making it a necessary consideration when purchasing the tool.


Looking for a fence is essential when purchasing a non-sliding miter saw because it helps to ensure accuracy in angled cuts. The fence acts as a guide for the material being cut, and it also provides support and stability. Without a fence, it can be difficult to maintain a straight and accurate cut, resulting in wasted materials and frustration. A good quality fence can make all the difference in the performance and usability of a non-sliding miter saw.


Accuracy is crucial when purchasing a non sliding miter saw because it directly affects the quality of your cuts. A saw that cannot cut straight or make precise angles defeats the purpose of having a miter saw in the first place. Even small discrepancies in the measurement or angle can render the entire project unusable. Therefore, investing in a high-quality accuracy-enabled saw ensures that you can always achieve clean and accurate cuts, saving you time and money in the long run.

A non sliding miter saw with accuracy features also reduces the risk of injuries while working, which makes it ideal for both amateur and professional woodworking. A saw with a bevel stop, for instance, allows you to make quick and accurate adjustments, giving you full control over the cutting process. Additionally, a saw with a laser guide system ensures that you are making your cuts in the right place with every swipe. These accuracy-enhancing features mean that you can work more efficiently and safely, helping you complete your projects with confidence and ease.

Weight And Portability

When purchasing a non-sliding miter saw, it’s important to consider the weight and portability of the tool. A lightweight and portable miter saw makes it easier to transport the tool between job sites or around the workshop. This can save time and reduce fatigue for the user. Additionally, a lighter weight saw can be easier to control and maneuver, which can result in more accurate cuts. Overall, weight and portability are key factors to consider when selecting a non-sliding miter saw that can meet your needs and improve your work efficiency.


Are all Mitre saws sliding?

No, not all Mitre saws are sliding. There are both sliding and non-sliding versions available in the market.

Are sliding miter saws less accurate?

No, sliding miter saws are not necessarily less accurate than non-sliding miter saws. The accuracy of a miter saw depends on factors such as the quality of the blade, the angle measurements, and the stability of the saw. Sliding miter saws may actually be more accurate because they have greater cutting capacity and can make more precise cuts with their sliding feature.

What is the disadvantage of a sliding miter saw?

The disadvantage of a sliding miter saw is that it tends to be heavier and more expensive than a non-sliding miter saw. Additionally, the sliding mechanism can introduce more play in the cut, leading to less precision.

Final Words

In conclusion, the best non sliding miter saw on the market is the Bosch CM10GD. This saw impresses with its compact design, outstanding cutting capacity, and ease of use. The dual-bevel feature allows for precise cuts, and the adjustable fence ensures accurate alignment. The dust collection system is also a standout feature, keeping your work area clean and safe. Overall, the Bosch CM10GD is a premium saw that delivers excellent value for your money.

If the Bosch CM10GD is out of your budget, the Makita LS1018 is a solid runner-up. This saw has a large cutting capacity and an easy-to-use dual-bevel feature. It also comes with a laser guide, which helps with precise cuts. While it may not have some of the advanced features of the Bosch CM10GD, the Makita LS1018 is a reliable workhorse that can handle most projects. When looking for the best non sliding miter saw, these two products are the top recommendations to consider!
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