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Best Plunge Circular Saw Top 5 Ranked [2024]

A best plunge circular saw is a versatile cutting tool that carpenters, woodworkers, and DIY enthusiasts can’t do without. It allows for clean and precise cuts on a variety of materials, including wood, plastic, and metal. Whether you’re cutting straight or making bevel cuts, a plunge circular saw can get the job done quickly and efficiently. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of the best plunge circular saws on the market and what features to look for when choosing one.

Plunge circular saws are popular among woodworkers and carpenters as they are very precise and accurate. However, with so many brands and models available in the market, choosing the best one can be a daunting task.

If you end up with the wrong plunge saw, you could end up with poor-quality cutting, reduced accuracy, and a lot of frustration. You may end up spending money on a product that will not meet your expectations. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which plunge saw is the best investment for your woodworking projects.

Fortunately, we have researched the best plunge saws available on the market and narrowed down the options that are worth considering. In this article, we will guide you on how to choose the best plunge saw and highlight some of the top ones available. You will be able to make an informed decision and purchase a plunge saw that will meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

The Best Plunge Circular Saw on the Market Right Now

Discover the top-performing plunge circular saw on the market with our comprehensive guide. Find the perfect saw for your DIY or professional needs.

1. Makita Sp6000J1

Makita SP6000J1

Makita SP6000J1: The Best Plunge Circular Saw

If you’re in search of precision and accuracy in a saw, the Makita SP6000J1 is one of the best choices on the market. It is designed for ease-of-use, with a powerful motor, ergonomic design, and exceptional cutting ability. It is a reliable and versatile tool that can be used for a variety of different woodworking projects.

Product Overview

The Makita SP6000J1 is a one-of-a-kind circular saw that is built to provide unparalleled precision and accuracy. It is designed to be incredibly easy-to-use, and to allow the user to make precise cuts with every use. This saw is equipped with a 12-amp motor that can reach up to 5,200 RPM, which makes it ideal for cutting through various types of wood.

Unique Features

Unique Features

– Depth Stopper for Precise Cuttings: The depth stopper allows users to set the saw blade’s depth at a precise angle for a more accurate cut.
– Variable Speed Setting: The variable speed setting can be adjusted to ensure that the saw is always operating at the right speed for the job.
– Anti-Tip Device: The anti-tip device ensures that the saw does not tip over during use, which can be especially useful when working with heavy materials.
– Soft Start: The soft start feature slowly ramps up the motor speed, which not only increases operator control but also extends the saw’s life.



– Precision and Accuracy: The Makita SP6000J1 is designed to provide precision and accuracy in every cut, making it an ideal tool for woodworking professionals.
– Easy-To-Use: The ergonomic design of the saw makes it incredibly easy to use, even for those who are not accustomed to power tools.
– Compatibility: The Makita SP6000J1 is compatible with a variety of different blades, making it a versatile tool that can be used for a range of different applications.
– Dust Collection: The saw has an effective dust collection system that keeps the work area clean and safe from debris.



– Expensive: Although the Makita SP6000J1 is a quality saw, it is also one of the more expensive options available.
– Heavier: The saw is also relatively heavy, which can make it difficult to handle for extended periods.
– Limited Power Cord: The saw’s power cord is relatively short, which may require you to use an extension cord in certain circumstances.

In conclusion, the Makita SP6000J1 is an excellent tool for woodworking professionals who demand precision and accuracy from their equipment. With its powerful motor, ergonomic design, and versatility, it is a great investment that will serve you well for years to come. Although it may be more expensive than other options, it is a worthwhile investment in your craft.

2. Dewalt Dws520K


The DEWALT DWS520K is a top-of-the-line circular saw designed with precision and power in mind. This compact handheld saw features a 6-1/2-inch blade for small to medium-sized cuts. However, what sets the DEWALT DWS520K apart is its unique plunge feature that allows you to make accurate, controlled cuts in hardwoods, laminates, and even melamine.

Unique Features

  • The plunge feature makes it easy to accurately cut in the middle of a board without having to start from the edge.
  • The anti-kickback feature prevents accidents by stopping the blade from spinning in the opposite direction.
  • The dual-edged track system provides stability and high-quality cuts without leaving marks on the workpiece.
  • The dust management system will keep your work area clean and visible without the need of external vacuums.
  • The lightweight and ergonomic design make it comfortable to use for an extended period of time.


  • The plunge feature is a game-changer for those who work with hardwoods and other materials that require precise cutting.
  • The anti-kickback feature ensures your safety and prevents accidents from occurring in the workshop.
  • The dust management system keeps your work area clean, making it easier to focus on cutting.
  • The dual-edged track system allows for high-quality cuts with stability and precision.


  • The 6-1/2-inch blade may not be sufficient for larger cuts, making the DWS520K not ideal for all projects.
  • The DEWALT DWS520K is a high-end tool that comes with a price tag that may not appeal to all users.

In conclusion, the DEWALT DWS520K is a versatile and precise circular saw that is an asset for any workshop. With its plunge feature, anti-kickback, dual-edged track system, and dust management, the DWS520K ensures that you can work safely and cleanly without compromising quality. However, the price tag and small blade may not make it ideal for all users.

3. Festool Ts 55 Req

Festool TS 55 REQ

The Festool TS 55 REQ is a versatile circular saw that is perfect for professional woodworkers and DIY enthusiasts. This saw is designed to make precise cuts, and the easy-to-use features allow you to complete your projects quickly and efficiently.

The TS 55 REQ has a powerful motor that delivers up to 5,200 RPM, providing fast, clean cuts every time. The saw is also equipped with a range of safety features, including a splinter guard that helps prevent tear-out and a blade brake that stops the blade quickly for added safety.

The plunge cut system allows you to make precise cuts quickly and easily with minimal effort. The blade depth can also be adjusted with precision to allow for accurate cutting to a depth of 55mm.

With the guide track system, you can achieve laser-straight cuts without having to measure and mark the wood. This feature also ensures that your cuts are always straight, even if you’re working with large or heavy boards.

Additionally, the saw’s compact and lightweight design makes it easy to maneuver and use in tight spaces, and the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip during extended use.

Unique Features

– Plunge cut system for precise cuts
– Guide track system for laser-straight cuts
– Splinter guard to prevent tear-out
– Blade brake for added safety
– Compact and lightweight design for easy maneuverability


– Efficient and fast cutting
– Easy-to-use features for quick and precise cuts
– Versatile for a range of jobs
– Safe operation for added peace of mind
– Comfortable grip for extended use


– Higher price point compared to other circular saws
– Guide track system may require additional setup time
– Limited depth of cut compared to other saws on the market

4. Bosch Gkt13-225L

Bosch GKT13-225L

The Bosch GKT13-225L is a powerful and versatile 6-1/2 inch track saw that is designed to deliver precision cuts in a variety of materials. It features a powerful 13-amp motor that can spin the blade up to 6,250 RPM, ensuring that you can easily cut through even the toughest materials.

This saw also features a dual-purpose track that can be used both as a guide rail for the saw and as a clamping mechanism to keep your material securely in place during the cutting process. Additionally, the saw’s depth and bevel controls are conveniently located and easy to use, allowing you to make precise adjustments quickly and easily.

The Bosch GKT13-225L is also designed with a low-profile blade guard that allows for improved visibility during the cutting process. This, combined with the saw’s powerful motor and precision controls, makes it an ideal tool for a wide range of cutting applications.

Unique Features

– Dual-purpose track for a better cutting experience.
– Powerful 13-amp motor.
– Low-profile blade guard for improved visibility.


– Powerful and versatile cutting.
– Highly precise cuts.
– User-friendly design for an enhanced experience.


– The weight of the saw can make it challenging to carry around.
– The blade may not work well for longer cutting tasks due to the saw’s design.

5. Triton Tts1400

Triton TTS1400

The Triton TTS1400 is a professional-grade track saw that is designed to provide precision cuts with ease. This track saw is suitable for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals who need to make accurate cuts on a regular basis.

The saw comes with a 1400W motor, which makes it powerful enough to cut through most types of materials. It has a maximum cutting depth of 54mm at 90 degrees and 38mm at 45 degrees. The saw’s blade can rotate up to 45 degrees to allow for bevel cuts.

One of the notable features of this track saw is its compatibility with the Triton Workcentre System. This system allows for better accuracy and stability when making cuts. You can also customize the saw’s cutting depth settings to suit your needs.

Unique Features

– Compatible with the Triton Workcentre System
– 1400W motor for powerful cuts
– Bevel cuts of up to 45 degrees
– Depth settings customization
– Anti-kickback feature for improved safety


– Precise and accurate cuts
– Powerful motor
– Large maximum cutting depth
– Bevel cuts possible
– Compatible with Triton Workcentre System


– Expensive
– Heavy and bulky
– Requires a bit of practice to use effectively

Overall, the Triton TTS1400 is an excellent option for those who need a reliable and accurate track saw. Its compatibility with the Triton Workcentre System, powerful motor, and customizable cutting depth settings make it a standout choice for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike. However, it is on the expensive side, and its weight may make it challenging to handle for some users. With a bit of practice, though, the Triton TTS1400 can be an invaluable tool in any woodworking arsenal.

Buying Guide for Best Plunge Circular Saw

Looking to buy a plunge circular saw? Our buying guide walks you through the key features and factors you should consider before making a purchase. Get expert advice on blade size, depth adjustment, horsepower, and more to ensure you end up with a saw that meets all your DIY or professional needs.

Blade Size

The size of the blade is a critical factor to consider when purchasing a plunge circular saw because it determines the depth of the cut. A bigger blade would help you cut through thicker materials easily, while a smaller blade would ensure precision cuts. Additionally, when selecting a blade size, it is important to consider the type of material you will be cutting to ensure that the saw can handle it efficiently. Ultimately, selecting the right blade size ensures that you get the desired results when using your plunge circular saw.

Corded Or Cordless

When purchasing a plunge circular saw, it is essential to consider whether you want a corded or cordless one. Corded saws have a consistent and reliable source of power, allowing you to work for extended periods without worrying about battery life. On the other hand, cordless saws are more portable and offer greater flexibility of movement without the limitations of cords. Depending on your cutting needs and preference for convenience or power, you should carefully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type before making your purchase.

Depth Of Cut

Depth of cut is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a plunge circular saw as it determines the thickness of material that the saw is capable of cutting. The deeper the depth of cut, the thicker the material the saw can cut, which makes it easier for the user to make precise cuts with accuracy. A plunge circular saw with an inadequate depth of cut may limit the user’s ability to make cuts through thick materials and may result in uneven and imprecise cuts. Therefore, it is essential to choose a plunge circular saw with a sufficient depth of cut that matches your specific cutting requirements.

Bevel Capacity

Bevel capacity is a crucial factor to consider when purchasing a plunge circular saw as it determines the angle at which the blade can be tilted for beveled cuts. A saw with a greater bevel capacity offers more cutting flexibility, allowing you to create angled cuts without having to adjust the wood or move the saw. With a high bevel capacity, you can make precise, neat, and smooth cuts for complex woodworking projects with ease. Additionally, a plunge circular saw with an adjustable bevel capacity enables you to work on larger wood pieces or projects that involve compound angles efficiently. Therefore, when looking for a plunge circular saw, considering the bevel capacity is essential to make precise and accurate cuts of various angles.

Motor Power

The motor power of a plunge circular saw determines its ability to cut through different materials. A more powerful motor will enable the saw to cut through thicker and denser materials with ease, while a less powerful motor may struggle and result in a less precise cut or a burnt blade. Therefore, when purchasing a plunge circular saw, it is essential to look for one with a powerful motor that matches the requirements of the materials you will be working with.

In addition to its cutting ability, the motor power of a plunge circular saw also affects its efficiency and speed. A saw with a powerful motor will typically deliver faster and smoother cuts, reducing the time and effort required to complete a project. This is particularly important for professionals who need to work efficiently and meet tight deadlines. Overall, investing in a plunge circular saw with a powerful motor can be a wise decision, as it can improve your work quality and efficiency, while also saving you time and effort.


The weight of a plunge circular saw is an important factor to consider when making a purchase because it affects the saw’s stability and ease of use. A heavier saw can provide more stability and control for precise cuts, but it can also be more tiring to use for extended periods. A lighter saw may be easier to handle and maneuver, but it may not provide as much stability for accurate cuts. It is important to find a saw that strikes a balance between weight and stability to ensure safe and efficient use.

Dust Extraction

Dust extraction is an essential feature to consider when buying a plunge circular saw. A plunge saw cuts through materials using a spinning blade that creates dust and debris that can be harmful to both the user and the environment. Using a saw without dust extraction can expose you to harmful particles that can cause respiratory or other health problems. Additionally, leaving dust and debris on the worksite can make it difficult to see the cutting line and impair the accuracy of your cuts, leading to waste and additional work.

Investing in a plunge circular saw with dust extraction is not only safer but also more efficient. With a dust extraction system, the saw captures the dust and debris as you work, keeping the air clean and the area clear, allowing you to see the cutting line better, and reducing the chance of waste. Moreover, when you eliminate dust and debris from the worksite, you help improve the overall quality of your work. This translates to a more professional finish, improved results and even better customer satisfaction. Dust extraction systems come in different designs and sizes, but they all serve to minimize the risks involved with plunge saw cutting.

Guide Rail Compatibility

Looking for Guide rail compatibility is essential when purchasing a plunge circular saw because it helps create straight and accurate cuts. The guide rail serves as a guide for the saw to follow, ensuring that the cut is precise and in line with the desired angle. It also helps prevent splintering and provides additional safety when making cuts. By choosing a plunge circular saw that is compatible with guide rails, you can save time and make cuts with greater efficiency and accuracy.


Which is the best plunge saw?

As an AI, I am not capable of offering my subjective opinion. However, the best plunge saw depends on the specific needs and preferences of the user. It is recommended to research and compare different brands and models to invest in a plunge saw that meets one’s requirements.

Can a plunge saw be used as a circular saw?

Yes, a plunge saw can be used as a circular saw, but a circular saw cannot be used as a plunge saw.

Why is a plunge saw better than a circular saw?

A plunge saw is better than a circular saw because it allows for more precise cuts, better dust control, and increased safety. The plunge feature of the saw allows for accurate and clean cuts, especially for plunge cutting and working on delicate projects. Additionally, most plunge saws come with dust collection systems that significantly reduce the amount of sawdust and debris produced during the cutting process, making it safer and cleaner to use. Overall, a plunge saw is a more versatile and effective tool for precise and professional woodworking.

Last Words

In conclusion, when searching for the best plunge circular saw, the top two products on the market are undoubtedly the Makita SP6000J1 and the DEWALT DWS520K. Both saws offer exceptional precision, powerful motors, and user-friendly features that make them a standout option for any woodworking project. However, choosing between the two often comes down to personal preference, with the Makita model offering a smooth cutting experience and the DEWALT model providing added versatility with its dust control system. Ultimately, whether you’re a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, by following our buying guide and selecting one of these top-tier products, you can feel confident that you’re investing in the best plunge circular saw for your needs.
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