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Best Table Saw For Over 32 Inches Top 4 Ranked [2024]

When it comes to woodworking, having a dependable table saw can make all the difference. But for those who need to cut larger or thicker materials, finding the best table saw for over 32 inches becomes a must. With numerous options available, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the leading table saws for cutting larger materials and provide helpful tips to help you make an informed decision.
Finding the right table saw can be a daunting task, especially when you need one with a cutting capacity of over 32 inches.

A table saw with a large cutting capacity can save a lot of time and effort, especially if you frequently work with large pieces of wood. But with so many options available, it’s hard to know which one is the best for your needs. You don’t want to waste money on a saw that doesn’t perform well or doesn’t have the features you need.

To find the best table saw for over 32 inches, consider factors such as motor power, blade size, and fence system. Look for saws with a strong and durable build, easy to use controls, and safety features. Some of the top options include the Delta 36-L552, SawStop PCS175-TGP236, and Powermatic PM1000. Evaluate your needs and budget before making a decision, and be sure to read reviews from other users to ensure you’re choosing the best option for your woodworking projects.

The best table saw for over 32 inches on the Market Right Now

Discover the top-rated 32+ inch table saws that provide precise, powerful cuts for your woodworking projects.

1. Sawstop Pcs31230-Tgp252

SawStop PCS31230-TGP252

The SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 is considered one of the best table saws for over 32 inches owing to its state-of-the-art safety features, solid build quality, and impressive performance levels. This model has become a go-to choice for professional contractors, DIY enthusiasts, and woodworking hobbyists looking for a cutting-edge table saw that provides maximum precision with minimal risk of injury.

The SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 is a top-of-the-line cabinet saw that features a 3 horsepower motor delivering a powerful and smooth cutting experience. The table measures 44 inches by 30 inches and has a maximum rip capacity of 52 inches, making it perfect for cutting through large sheets of material. It also boasts a T-Glide fence system, which guarantees square cuts and a smooth glide even for the most challenging cuts.

Unique Features

– SawStop Safety System: This technology enables the saw to detect human skin contact with the blade, resulting in an immediate drop of the blade and saving you from serious injuries.
– Dust Collection System: The SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 features an advanced dust collection system, capturing up to 99% of sawdust, ensuring that your workspace remains clean and free of dust particles.
– T-Glide Fence System: This feature enhances the accuracy of the blade and helps in making precise cuts with ease.
– Top-Quality Build: The SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 features a cast-iron construction, making it durable, strong, and reducing the risk of vibration during use.


– Exceptional Safety Features
– Top-Quality Build
– Adequate Dust Collection System
– T-Glide Fence System that enhances accuracy
– 3 horsepower motor provides maximum efficiency, especially when cutting dense material


– The SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 is quite challenging to assemble, so beginners may need help.
– The hefty price tag can be discouraging for those with a tight budget.

Overall, The SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 is an exceptional table saw that packs multiple features giving you excellent value for money. It has top-quality safety features, a durable body, and a perfect dust-collection system. While it may be expensive and challenging to assemble, it meets and exceeds most customers’ expectations.

2. Powermatic Pm1000

Powermatic PM1000

The Powermatic PM1000 is a high-quality cabinet saw designed for professional woodworkers. This 10-inch saw is known for its precision, reliability, and accuracy. It is equipped with a 1.75 horsepower motor that is effective in cutting thick hardwoods and tough materials. The product features a massive cast-iron trunnion, which is responsible for maintaining the blade’s alignment and vibration-free performance. It also comes with a built-in dust collection port that can capture over 99% of the sawdust generated during its operation.

Unique Features

  • The PM1000 has a poly-v belt drive system that ensures smooth and efficient power transfer.
  • Its arbor lock allows for quick and easy blade changes.
  • The saw features a miter gauge that provides accurate crosscuts and angles.
  • The PM1000 comes with a riving knife that prevents kickback and increases safety.
  • Its push-button arbor-lock mechanism makes blade changes quick and easy.


  • The PM1000 provides precise cuts thanks to its built-in trunnion system.
  • The saw is compatible with a variety of blades, making it a versatile tool.
  • This model is made of high-quality materials that are built to last and withstand tough woodworking applications.
  • Its dust collection system makes it a cleaner and safer option for woodworking professionals.


  • The PM1000 can be quite heavy and challenging to move, making it unsuitable for mobile woodworkers who need to move their tools frequently.
  • Some customers have reported that this saw has a relatively short power cord, which can limit its mobility in the workshop.
  • The PM1000 may be expensive for some woodworkers, especially beginners who are just starting to invest in their tools.

3. Grizzly G0691

Grizzly G0691

The Grizzly G0691 is a high-quality cabinet table saw designed to provide accurate and efficient cutting. It features a 3HP single-phase motor that delivers consistent power, making it suitable for heavy-duty projects. With a maximum rip capacity of 29-1/2 inches, this saw can handle large panels and boards with ease.

The saw has a cast iron table and wings that reduce vibration and ensure stability during operation. The fence system is made of heavy-duty steel, allowing precise adjustments for accurate cuts. The Grizzly G0691 also comes equipped with a riving knife, making it safer to use compared to traditional splitters.

Unique Features

– 3HP single-phase motor for consistent power
– Heavy-duty steel fence system for precise adjustments
– Cast iron table and wings to reduce vibration
– Riving knife for improved safety


– Stable and durable construction for heavy-duty use
– Accurate cuts thanks to the precise fence system
– Safer to use compared to traditional splitters


– The saw is relatively heavy and challenging to move around
– The price point may be high for beginner woodworkers

Overall, the Grizzly G0691 is an excellent investment for woodworkers who require precision, efficiency, and durability in their table saw. The unique features, such as the heavy-duty steel fence system and riving knife, make this saw stand out from the competition. However, the saw’s weight and cost may be a drawback for some woodworkers, particularly beginners.

4. Shop Fox W1837

Shop Fox W1837

The Shop Fox W1837 is a versatile dust collector that stands out for its portable and compact design. It is an ideal choice for hobbyists or small workshops looking for a reliable way to keep their work areas free from dust and debris. This 1-HP collector features a powerful 9-amp motor and a highly efficient collection bag that filters particles as small as 2.5 microns.

Unique Features

– Portable Design: The Shop Fox W1837 comes with a built-in handle and wheels, allowing you to move it around your workspace easily.

– Dual-Filtration System: This dust collector features a collection bag that removes large particles first, followed by a pleated filter that captures smaller particles to provide clean air.

– Clear Window: The clear window on the collection bag allows you to monitor the level of debris and know when it’s time to empty it.

– Powerful Motor: The W1837 has a 1-HP motor that delivers impressive suction power, making it possible to collect dust from multiple machines at once.

– Portable and compact design makes it easy to move around.

– Dual filtration system captures even the smallest particles.

– The clear window on the collection bag makes it easy to monitor the level of debris.

– The powerful motor ensures excellent suction power.

– Some users have reported that the collection bag can be difficult to empty, which could be problematic if you are working with fine particles that could become airborne during the process.

– At 78.5 pounds, the W1837 is not the lightest dust collector on the market, which could be a drawback if you need to move it frequently.

Overall, the Shop Fox W1837 is an excellent choice if you are looking for a portable and efficient dust collector. Its dual-filtration system, powerful motor, and compact design make it a reliable tool for hobbyists and small workshops alike. While it may not be ideal for those working with fine particles or those who need to move their dust collector frequently, the W1837 is a great investment for those who value portability, efficiency, and ease of use.

Buying Guide for Best Table Saw For Over 32 Inches

Find the best table saw for your needs with our comprehensive buying guide for table saws over 32 inches. Discover top-rated models, compare features and prices, and make an informed decision for your workshop. Expert advice and user reviews ensure you get the perfect table saw for every project.

Motor Power

When looking for a table saw larger than 32 inches, it’s important to consider the motor power. This is because a larger table saw requires a larger, more powerful motor to operate efficiently. A table saw with too low motor power will struggle to cut through thicker woods and may even overheat, resulting in damage to the saw and possible safety hazards. A higher motor power ensures the saw can easily handle larger pieces of wood, resulting in faster and more accurate cuts.

Another advantage of looking for a table saw with higher motor power is that it can help increase the saw’s lifespan. A powerful motor will put less stress on the saw’s moving parts, reducing wear and tear and preventing potential damage. This means that a saw with high motor power will be more likely to last longer and require fewer repairs over time. Additionally, a saw with a strong motor will maintain its cutting efficiency even as it ages, ensuring that you will continue to achieve precise cuts throughout the saw’s lifespan.

Sandpaper Size

Firstly, sandpaper size is of utmost importance when purchasing a table saw for over 32 inches, as it determines the quality of cut that can be achieved. A finer sandpaper size, such as 220 or 320, will provide a smoother, more refined finish that is ideal for cutting delicate materials or achieving a polished edge. On the other hand, a coarser grit, such as 80 or 100, is better suited for rougher cuts, such as ripping through thicker pieces of hardwood or softwood.

Secondly, the sandpaper size also influences the speed and efficiency of the saw. When choosing a larger table saw, it is important to ensure that the sandpaper size matches the motor power and size, as this can impact the speed at which the saw can operate. A mismatch between the sandpaper size and motor power can result in slower, less efficient cuts, which can be frustrating and time-consuming. Therefore, buyers should carefully consider the sandpaper size when selecting a table saw for over 32 inches, to ensure that they achieve the best possible results and performance from their tool.

Speed Control

Firstly, larger table saws tend to have more powerful motors which mean they can generate greater cutting speeds. In such cases, speed control or variable speed options can be advantageous as they allow users to adjust the blade speed as needed for different types of cuts, materials, and blade sizes. By controlling the speed, you can achieve precision cuts and better results on a wider range of materials.

Secondly, having speed control also means that you can slow down the blade speed when using large diameter blades or when cutting thicker, denser materials. This is important because high speeds can cause more friction, generating more heat, and potentially damaging both the blade and the material being cut. Slowing the blade speed can also help to reduce noise levels, making the saw more comfortable and less disruptive to use. In summary, speed control is an essential feature to consider when buying table saws over 32 inches, as it allows you to adjust the blade’s speed as required, achieving precision cuts while also reducing the risk of damage to the blade and materials.

Dust Collection System

Having a Dust collection system is crucial when purchasing a table saw that is over 32 inches. This is because larger saws generate an incredible amount of sawdust and debris, which can pose a health risk to the user. Having a Dust collection system will help reduce the amount of dust that is generated during the cutting process, and this will help to improve the air quality in the workspace.

In addition to improving the air quality in your workspace, installing a Dust collection system can also save you time and money. By reducing the amount of sawdust and debris that is generated during the cutting process, you will spend less time cleaning up your workspace, which will free up more time for production. Furthermore, less sawdust and debris on the saw will also extend the life of the machine, as it will be less likely to experience wear and tear from clogged gears and other vital components.

Ease Of Use

Looking for ease of use is critical when purchasing a table saw for over 32 inches as these saws are larger and powerful, and require user skill and attention. Ease of use determines how convenient it will be to operate the saw, which would impact your productivity, effectiveness and finesse of your cutting work. By picking a table saw that is easy to use and navigate, you can reduce the amount of time and effort spent in mastering the machine, thus giving you more time to focus on producing precise cuts effectively.

Moreover, ease of use could also enhance the user’s safety when handling and operating the saw. Safety is of utmost importance when working with such heavy-duty machinery, and a user-friendly design could mitigate potential risks and injuries from accidental slips, falls, or kickbacks. Navigating the controls of your saw with ease reduces the likelihood of making critical errors when cutting, which could lead to a smooth and safe operation that protects both you and the material being cut.


A table saw is a heavy-duty tool that requires durability in order to last long and perform efficiently. When it comes to purchasing a table saw that is over 32 inches, durability should be a key factor to consider. This is because the size and weight of the saw make it challenging for it to be moved around frequently, and it may be subjected to a lot of wear and tear. A durable table saw will not only ensure quality performance but will also save you from frequent repairs, replacements, and maintenance costs.

Another reason why you should prioritize durability when purchasing a table saw for over 32 inches is the intensity of the workload that you may need the saw to handle. A durable table saw will be able to handle heavy-duty workloads without breaking down or wearing out quickly. The saw’s motor, blades, and other components should be designed to withstand intense workloads associated with large-scale woodworking projects. With a durable table saw, you can have peace of mind knowing that you have a tool that will serve you for a long time, handle intense workloads, and provide the functionality and precision required for your woodworking projects.

Brand Reputation

When it comes to purchasing a table saw for over 32 inches, it’s essential to look for a reputable brand. Reputable brands are known for their quality and reliability, which means you’re more likely to end up with a machine that will meet your needs and last a lifetime. These brands invest in the latest technologies, ensuring their products are always at the cutting edge of industry standards. Additionally, they have excellent customer support services that can offer assistance and support when you need it.

A table saw is an investment that should last years or even a lifetime if taken care of properly. Thus, it’s vital to look for a brand with a good reputation before making any purchase. By doing so, you’ll be more confident that your money will be well spent, and you won’t have to worry too much about performance, durability or maintenance issues. With a well-respected brand, you can rest assured that the saw is built to last and will have a track record of fewer issues over the years.


When purchasing a table saw that exceeds 32 inches in size, it is important to consider the price. This is because larger table saws are usually more expensive due to their increased size and power. By looking for a table saw with a reasonable price, you can ensure that you are getting the best value for your money without breaking the bank.

Additionally, by comparing prices of different table saw brands and models, you can find one that fits within your budget and also meets your needs. With the large range of prices available for table saws, it is important to take your time to research and compare prices to make sure you are getting the most for your money.


In conclusion, when it comes to finding the best table saw for over 32 inches, the SawStop PCS31230-TGP252 stands out as the top product. With its advanced safety features and unparalleled precision, this saw is sure to make any woodworking project a breeze. Coming in a close second is the Powermatic PM1000, another excellent option for those in need of a powerful and reliable saw. With these top two products and the comprehensive buying guide provided, woodworking enthusiasts can rest assured knowing they have access to the best options on the market for tackling large woodworking projects.
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