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Best Zero Clearance Miter Saw Top 4 Ranked [2024]

Looking for the best zero clearance miter saw in the market? Look no further as we bring you the top options available for your woodworking projects. Zero clearance miter saws are designed to produce clean, precise, and accurate cuts with minimal effort, making them an essential tool for any woodworker. But with a plethora of options available, choosing the perfect one can be a daunting task. In this article, we have reviewed the top zero clearance miter saws that offer superior quality and performance, making your decision-making process easier.

If you’re a professional carpenter, DIYer or hobbyist, you definitely need a top-quality saw to cut various materials for your woodworking projects. However, it can be challenging to find a saw that meets all of your requirements, including precision cuts and easy-to-use features.

Even if you find a quality saw, the dust and debris can surely cause a lot of mess and make your work environment dirty. In addition, some saws are noisy and produce unpleasant vibrations, which can be upsetting for many people. Not to mention that some miter saws can be bulky and take up much space in your workshop.

Luckily, there’s a solution that can eliminate all of your worries. A zero clearance miter saw can provide you with a compact, efficient and precise cutting experience, without any dust or vibration. It’s specifically designed with features that can enhance your cutting performance and ensure a clean work environment. With a zero clearance miter saw, you can enjoy better accuracy, minimal waste, and a smaller footprint in your workshop.

The Best Zero Clearance Miter Saw on the Market Right Now

Looking for the best zero clearance miter saw? Find out which saws are the top performers in terms of precision, speed, and ease of use in our comprehensive guide.

1. Bosch Power Tools Gcm12Sd

Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD

The Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD is a 12-inch dual bevel glide miter saw designed to provide smooth and accurate cuts. It features a powerful 15-amp motor that delivers 3,800 RPM for fast and efficient cuts. The saw also features an innovative glide system that allows for smooth and easy cutting motion, allowing you to achieve precision cuts every time.

The GCM12SD is designed with user safety in mind, featuring a transparent lower guard that provides clear visibility of the blade and the cutting line. It also has a dust collection system that helps keep your work area clean and free of debris, ensuring a safer and more comfortable cutting experience.

Unique Features

– Dual bevel: The GCM12SD features dual bevel capabilities, allowing you to make cuts without having to flip your workpiece over. This saves time and increases accuracy.
– Glide system: The innovative glide system offers smooth and consistent cutting motion, providing precision cuts every time.
– Large cutting capacity: The GCM12SD can handle cuts up to 6-1/2 inches in height and up to 14 inches in width, making it a versatile and reliable saw for a variety of applications.


– Accurate cutting: The glide system and powerful motor of the GCM12SD make it a reliable choice for precise and accurate cuts.
– Easy to use: The transparent lower guard and intuitive controls make this saw easy to use, even for beginners.
– Large capacity: The ability to make wide and tall cuts provides versatility and flexibility in your work.


– Heavy: At 88 pounds, the GCM12SD is a heavy saw that can be challenging to move and store.
– Expensive: The high-end features of this saw come at a premium price, making it a substantial investment for home users.

2. Hitachi C12Rsh2

Hitachi C12RSH2

The Hitachi C12RSH2 is a 15-Amp, 12-inch Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw. It is designed to provide accurate cuts on a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, and plastic. The saw has a large sliding fence which allows for easy adjustments and increased cutting capacity. The laser marker system provides precise cutting lines, and the powerful motor allows for efficient cutting even on tough materials.

Unique Features

– Dual laser marker system for accurate cuts
– Zero clearance cutting capability for reduced splintering
– Adjustable Laser Marker for left or right blade usage
– Vertical handle for improved ergonomics
– Compact slide system for increased cutting capacity


– Large cutting capacity
– Accurate cutting with dual laser marker system
– Powerful motor for efficient cutting
– Compact slide system for increased cutting capacity
– Easily adjustable fence for quick and accurate cuts


– Expensive compared to other miter saws in its class
– Heavy, making it less portable than other models
– Dust collection could be better

3. Makita Ls1019L

Makita LS1019L

The Makita LS1019L is a high-quality sliding compound miter saw with a smooth and accurate cutting system. It features an innovative direct-drive gearbox and a 15-amp motor with soft start technology for improved control and precision cutting. The LS1019L has a large cutting capacity of up to 12 inches at 90 degrees, making it ideal for a wide range of projects.

Unique Features

– Dual laser guides: The LS1019L has a dual laser guide system that helps to enhance the cutting accuracy of the saw. The laser lines show both the blade’s edge and the cut-line for precise cuts every time.
– Linear ball bearing system: With the linear ball bearing system, the LS1019L can deliver smooth and accurate cuts, reducing operator fatigue and improving overall efficiency.
– Efficient dust collection system: The saw has an efficient dust collection system that ensures clean and safe working conditions by collecting up to 75% of the sawdust.


– Large cutting capacity: The Makita LS1019L has a large cutting capacity of up to 12 inches at 90 degrees, making it ideal for a wide range of cutting applications.
– Precise and accurate: The laser guide system and linear ball bearing system make the LS1019L an extremely accurate and precise saw, ensuring clean and straight cuts every time.
– Powerful: With a 15-amp motor and direct-drive gearbox, the LS1019L has the power needed to handle tough cutting tasks with ease.
– Compact and easy to use: The saw’s compact design and ergonomic handle make it easy to handle and use, even in tight spaces.


– Heavy: At 57.9 pounds, the LS1019L is heavier than some other saws in its class, making it more difficult to move around and transport.
– Expensive: The LS1019L is priced on the higher end, which may not be suitable for budget-conscious shoppers.

4. Metabo Hpt C10Fshc

Metabo HPT C10FSHC

The Metabo HPT C10FSHC is a 10-inch sliding dual bevel compound miter saw that is designed to provide precise cuts every time. This saw boasts a maximum cutting width of 12 inches and a maximum cutting depth of 3-1/8 inches. It is also equipped with a laser marker system that allows for accurate cuts, even in low light conditions.

Unique Features

  • The saw has a laser marker system that provides accurate cuts.
  • The adjustable laser marker can be easily calibrated for increased flexibility.
  • The saw has a zero rear clearance slide system, making it ideal for use in tight spaces.
  • The motor produces 15 amps of power, allowing for smooth and efficient cutting.


  • The saw is designed to be both powerful and accurate, ensuring that you can make precise cuts quickly and easily.
  • The laser marker system is particularly useful for ensuring your cuts are accurate and precise, even in low light conditions.
  • The saw is relatively easy to set up and use, even for those who are not particularly familiar with miter saws.


  • The saw is relatively heavy and bulky, making it difficult to move around or transport from one job site to another.
  • The saw may be more expensive than other miter saws on the market, particularly for those who are only using it occasionally.
  • The saw may produce more dust and debris than other miter saws on the market, particularly if not used in conjunction with a dust collection system.

Overall, the Metabo HPT C10FSHC is an excellent choice for those who need a powerful and accurate miter saw for frequent use. While it may be more expensive than some other miter saws on the market, its combination of power, accuracy, and flexibility make it an excellent investment for those who are serious about their work.

Buying Guide for Best Zero Clearance Miter Saw

Looking for the best zero clearance miter saw? Our buying guide has got you covered! Find the perfect tool for your needs and get expert advice on features, blades, and more. Shop smarter and invest in a quality saw that will make all your woodworking projects a breeze!

Blade Size

The blade size is an important consideration when purchasing a zero clearance miter saw. A larger blade size allows for a deeper cut, which is especially important when working with thicker materials. This also means that the saw can handle larger projects and materials, making it a more versatile tool.

Additionally, the blade size can impact the precision and accuracy of your cuts. A larger blade size means that there is more surface area in contact with the material, reducing the chance of wobbling or vibration during the cut. This can result in cleaner, more precise cuts, which is essential when working on projects that require a high level of accuracy.


Looking for power when purchasing a zero clearance miter saw is crucial because it ensures the ability to handle tough cutting tasks, such as thicker and denser materials with ease. Higher horsepower or amperage will help the saw to power through cuts and minimize the risk of burnout. With more power, a saw can also tend to produce better cut quality, especially in hardwood or other high-density materials. Moreover, it will save time and effort, thus enhancing the overall efficiency of your work. Therefore, considering the power factor when buying a zero clearance miter saw should be a top priority for professionals or DIYers who want to have a tool that can handle demanding projects efficiently.


The accuracy of a zero clearance miter saw is crucial as it determines the precision of all your cuts. A slight deviation in accuracy can result in ill-fitting joints, uneven cuts, and damaged materials. Therefore, when purchasing a miter saw, accuracy should be a top priority. A saw with high accuracy ensures that your cuts are precise, creating clean and professional finishes. Ultimately, accuracy increases productivity since it reduces the time taken to troubleshoot poorly fitted pieces or clean up rough edges. Investing in an accurate miter saw is, therefore, a wise decision for any woodworker or DIY enthusiast.

Dust Collection System

First, a zero clearance miter saw produces a large amount of dust and debris. Without a dust collection system, this debris can create an unsafe work environment and lead to respiratory issues for the user. A dust collection system will help mitigate these risks by capturing the debris at the source before it has a chance to become airborne. This not only leads to a cleaner and safer work environment but also improves the overall efficiency of the saw as less time is spent cleaning up after each use.

Secondly, a dust collection system can also improve the longevity of your zero clearance miter saw. Dust and debris can build up in the moving components of the saw and cause unnecessary wear and tear. By having a proper dust collection system in place, you can reduce the amount of debris that enters the internal parts of the saw and keep it running smoothly for longer periods of time. Ultimately, investing in a dust collection system is a smart decision that will not only improve the safety and cleanliness of your work environment but also extend the life of your zero clearance miter saw.


What is zero clearance for mitre saw?

Zero clearance for mitre saw refers to adding a wooden insert on the saw’s table to prevent any gaps between the saw blade and the table’s surface. By doing so, the user can achieve clean cuts without any splints or jagged edges.

How to make a zero clearance plate for miter saw?

To make a zero clearance plate for a miter saw, you can use a piece of hardboard or thin plywood of the same size as the original plate. Trace the shape of the original plate onto the hardboard or plywood, and then cut out the new plate using a jigsaw. Finally, attach the new plate to the miter saw using small screws or double-sided tape. This will provide more accuracy when cutting and prevent tear-out of the material.


In conclusion, investing in the best zero clearance miter saw is crucial for any woodworker who values accuracy and efficiency. After thorough research and consideration, the Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD stands out as the top product in the market, offering unparalleled precision and durability. However, the Hitachi C12RSH2 follows closely, providing similar features and performance at a more affordable price. Ultimately, it is essential to rely on a buying guide to make an informed decision according to your needs and budget. Whether you are a professional woodworker or a DIY enthusiast, a zero clearance miter saw is an essential tool that can significantly improve your work and produce impressive results.

Overall, a zero clearance miter saw is a wise investment that can help you achieve accurate cuts and save you time and effort. Choosing the best product for your needs can be a challenging task, but by considering the features, performance, and price, you can make an informed decision. The Bosch Power Tools GCM12SD and the Hitachi C12RSH2 are two excellent options that offer exceptional quality and results. Whatever your choice, remember that a zero clearance miter saw can make all the difference in your woodworking projects and take your craftsmanship to the next level.
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